5 Signs it’s time to put your bike away for the...
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Jan 12, 2015  |  Vote 0    67

5 Signs it’s time to put your bike away for the winter

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Sadly, there comes a time when most bikers acknowledge they need to put their bikes away for the winter. In case you've missed the signs, here's how you'll know it's time.

1. Yours hands look like this after you've been riding:

Even when you wear your giant gloves.



2. Your bike looks like this in the morning when you're leaving for work:

Nobody has time for this at 8am. And just think about how cold that seat is going to be.



3. When people inside their cars are having a hard time.

Even they are cold and scared.



4. When drivers start to look at you like this:

They used to hate you, remember? Now they just feel sad and concerned.



5. When you fall off your bike and look like this:

I mean, that full bodysuit is flattering and all, but you are definitely going to feel that in the morning.



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By StatusQuoContinues | JANUARY 14, 2015 10:37 AM
Many cyclists AND drivers need a refresher course, and until authorities begin to ticket these offenders the status quo and free-for-all will continue. Regardless of your chosen mode of transportation, the operator must take accountability for their actions wither they are good or bad. It's not just drivers on the road who need to wizen up, it's EVERYONE. If drivers drove around the city like many cyclists do everyday their car, they would be ticketed, their car would be towed and they would be in jail. In yet cyclists continue with impunity, and authorities turn a blind eye to it..........It's time for officers to start ticketing equally, and end their impunity.
By StatusQuoContinues | JANUARY 14, 2015 10:32 AM
Kevin - Guns kill hundreds of thousands every year in this world, should we blame the gun or the operator?????. Humans are not designed to move any faster than running speed which is a maximum of 37km/h over a very short distance. So anything faster than this is inherently dangerous and possibly deadly if an accident occurs. Until you remove "cars and bicycles" from your head and realize that it's the operators themselves who are dangerous we will continue to but heads. There is NO such thing as an "honest mistake", these are people who are not educated enough or not paying attention to their surroundings enough to make the right decision and simply make the wrong one.
By Kevin | JANUARY 14, 2015 10:03 AM
@StatusQuoContinues: Your point regarding it not being worth your life to prove a point is terribly ironic. Considering automobiles are responsible for a thousands of deaths per year. You're right, to put it politely, people do demonstrate bad behaviour. It happens. Sometimes people also make honest mistakes. Cars make these situations lethal. The lesson to be learned is that of responsibility. Drivers need to accept their proportional share of it. And many people would do well to refresh their knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act. Perhaps take a driving school refresher.
By StatusQuoContinues | JANUARY 13, 2015 07:34 PM
Motorcyclists including myself learn very quickly that while other drivers may be complete A$$HOLES, it's NOT worth my life to prove that point. Clearly some cyclists still haven't learned this life lesson yet, and will continue to pay the price until they do.............
By StatusQuoContinues | JANUARY 13, 2015 07:33 PM
Kevin - Unfortunately cycling/pedestrian laws and rights were created when riders/walkers still possessed common sense, because NO ONE would be stupid enough to swerve to step out in front of a vehicle or truck. However things now a days have changed, and common sense has been replaced by arrogance/ignorance and entitlement on all sides. Your right cyclists are no match for a car. If cyclists feel so entitled that are willing to put their lives at risk to prove a point or show that driver that THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY, then I encourage them to do so. One of these days these cyclists will meet a driver willing to grant his/her death wish, and I hope they SHOW that driver their point because they won't be able to show it again.........
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