Diane Dupuis

Famous PEOPLE Players founder Diane Dupuy signs a copy of her recently released memoir, 'Cocktails at the Chemo Lounge', which chronicles her battle against breast cancer. Later this month, Dupuy will mark seven years cancer free, an occasion she'll celebrate with the Pink Lady Gala.

Dirty politics at play in Scarborough-Rouge Park, audience member at debate alleges-image1

The Conservative Party's Leslyn Lewis, left, the Green Party's Calvin Winter and Liberal Gary Anandasangaree sit on the panel Tuesday night for a Scarborough-Rouge Park all-candidates debate organized by the Lions Club of West Hill and Highland Creek at the Heron Park Community Centre. The NDP's K.M. Shanthikumar did not attend.  

Gates Gully

The Doris McCarthy Trail cuts through Gates Gully, one of the green spaces Jason Ramsay-Brown will discuss during the Scarborough stops of his Toronto Public Library tour. Ramsay-Brown, author of, 'Toronto's Ravines and Urban Forests', will be in Scarborough Oct. 15 and Nov. 25 to talk about the Scarborough spaces featured in his book.

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Rehtaeh Parsons review to be released

Review into police and Crown handling of Rehtaeh Parsons case to be released



13 charged in drug- and weapon-smuggling ring

13 accused of bringing drugs and weapons into Canada; 48 charges laid



Chief admonishes rioters at Nuit Blanche

Toronto police chief admonishes partiers for riotous behaviour at Nuit Blanche


Federal Election

Mulcair goes after Liberals on C-51, TPP

Tom Mulcair lashes out against Justin Trudeau at Toronto town hall



Pedestrian killed in Mississauga, Ont.

Pedestrian dies after hit by truck in Mississauga, Ont.



Police seek person of interest in arrow death

Police seek person of interest in death of man shot with arrow



Alberta refinery costs level at $8.5 billion

North West Upgrading's Sturgeon refinery costs levelling at $8.5 billion


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