Jane Philpott
Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott addresses the media after a meeting of Canada's health ministers in Toronto on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2016.
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Toronto Star's View: On health care, strings should come with money

Bill Angus

It is essential that federal health transfers come with conditions. But conditions are only credible...

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EDITORIAL: Safer streets are the responsibility of both drivers and pedestrians

In a few days our streets will be full of miniature ghouls, princesses and witches, excitedly going door-to-door to fill up...

Etobicoke Guardian
Editorial | Oct 20, 2016

EDITORIAL: Baby animals at the Toronto Zoo are more than just cute

Everyone loves baby animals. Visitors have flocked to see the brand new additions to the Toronto Zoo, which include Juno...

City Centre Mirror
Opinion | Oct 13, 2016

Ontario's education system must set students up for success

When we’re young we make a lot of mistakes — big ones, little ones, and some that can be life altering. Unprotected sex...

Editorial | Oct 02, 2016

Toronto Star's View: Canada must talk with Russia on the Arctic

Canada is right to host a special Arctic conference with Russia next month, despite Vladimir Putin’s actions in Syria and the...

Opinion | Sep 29, 2016

EDITORIAL: Toronto needs to build hope to end youth violence

“Just think first” was the message delivered at an anti-violence seminar for youth held in Toronto last week. Unfortunately,...

Scarborough Mirror
Editorial | Sep 20, 2016
Language matters

Respect key to gender evolution

EDITORIAL - We are breaking ground and removing barriers while navigating a cultural shift that has been referred to as the...

Richmond Hill Liberal
Sep 08, 2016

EDITORIAL: Need for food banks continues to grow

The week of Sept. 19 to 23 has been designated as Hunger Awareness Week in Canada, and it’s a time for all residents to...

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Sep 01, 2016

EDITORIAL: Celebrate the unofficial end of summer in Toronto

Today marks the start of a new month and the unofficial end of summer. And what a summer it was. Heat and humidty and...

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Aug 25, 2016

EDITORIAL: Forward-thinking development needed as downtown Toronto population grows

There’s no question: condo and office construction in Toronto, particularly in downtown Toronto, is booming. By 2025 the...

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Aug 18, 2016

EDITORIAL: Toronto is right to make water infrastructure a top priority

Spending billions of dollars on replacing well-aged watermains and other infrastructure projects may not be the most...

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Aug 02, 2016

EDITORIAL: Remaining vigilant against impaired driving

It’s sad that we still have to warn people about the dangers of impaired driving; one would have hoped the message had been...

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Jul 28, 2016

EDITORIAL: Celebrate Simcoe Day by having fun in Toronto

For Toronto residents, the coming long weekend is known as Simcoe Day and now is a good time to learn a little bit more...

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Jul 21, 2016

EDITORIAL: Legislation to stop texting and walking would fall on deaf ears

In hastily-snatched hindsight, it’s fair to say that last week probably wasn’t the best time for Toronto Council to vote to...

City Centre Mirror | 1 Comment
Jul 14, 2016

EDITORIAL: Sex trade traffickers target vulnerable girls online

Don’t talk to strangers is a common piece of advice parents give to their children. Warning your kids to not go with...

Beach Mirror | 1 Comment
Jul 07, 2016

EDITORIAL: Tactics overshadow issues in Pride Parade protest

A staged sit-in protest by the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter this past Sunday at the Pride Parade certainly has...

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Jun 30, 2016

EDITORIAL: Celebrate Canada’s precious unity and civility

On Friday, July 1, we Canadians pause to celebrate another year as just that: Canadians. We have been able to do that...

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