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TOinTransit: We need to know more about fare integration

Rahul Gupta

Fare integration for Greater Toronto could well prove a boon for transit riders, but there are too...

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Community | Feb 19, 2017

The Bathurst-Finch area has improved a lot, says James Pasternak

Life in North York’s Bathurst-Finch area has improved a lot, says York Centre Coun. James Pasternak. Pasternak represents...

North York Mirror | by Mike Adler
CityHall | Feb 16, 2017
Neethan Shan wins Ward 42 by-ele

Councillor-elect Neethan Shan to "stand up" for Toronto's marginalized

Neethan Shan took the losses and, for a time, took the ridicule. But now he’s a city councillor and a political hero to the...

Scarborough Mirror | by Mike Adler
Columns | Feb 14, 2017
TO in Transit

TOinTransit: Don't believe the budget hype

It's budget time in Toronto when funding announcements come fast along with loose spending commitments. But will all the...

York Guardian | by Rahul Gupta
Elections | Feb 10, 2017
Ward 42 council debate

Neethan Shan most attacked candidate in race for Ward 42 council seat

Neethan Shan may become Ward 42’s next councillor on Monday, Feb. 13, but if so, he’ll have to live with people who dislike...

Scarborough Mirror | by Mike Adler
Columns | Feb 10, 2017
Edges of Toronto

EDGES OF TORONTO: Are faith groups being squeezed out of Toronto?

When Toronto City Hall’s rotunda filled up last week with the supporters of a Scarborough mosque, people who were watching...

Scarborough Mirror | by Mike Adler
Community | Feb 08, 2017
Kipling Grove demolition

Redevelopment proposal for Kipling Grove headed to EYCC

As the former Kipling Grove school building is razed, a proposal for the new residential community that could replace it...

Etobicoke Guardian | by Cynthia Reason
Feb 08, 2017

City to demolish, reconstruct Gardiner Expressway off-ramp

Work will begin in this spring on the tear down and rebuilding of a deteriorating off-ramp leading from the Gardiner...

Parkdale Villager | Add Comment
Feb 07, 2017

Bench to stand as memorial to Scarborough woman killed by drunk driver

A granite bench in memory of a mother killed by a drunk driver will soon stand near the main entrance to a Scarborough...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment | by Mike Adler
Feb 03, 2017

Mayor Tory needs to be crystal clear when distancing himself from alt-right

Mayor John Tory made it a challenge for reporters to ask about his relationship with his former campaign strategist Nick...

Beach Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle
Feb 02, 2017

Ward 42 all-candidates debate cancelled just before scheduled start

An all-candidates debate for the Ward 42 council byelection on Thursday, Feb. 2 was cancelled hours before the event was...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Feb 02, 2017

Mayor John Tory promises help for ailing Toronto music venues

In the wake of the near closure of the Silver Dollar Lounge and closure of various other outlets, Mayor John Tory and Toronto...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle
Feb 02, 2017

THE CITY: Mayor Tory suffered two big defeats last week on tolls, garbage

It has been a bad week for our mayor. Within the space of five days, John Tory was defeated on two signature policies,...

City Centre Mirror | 1 Comment | by David Nickle
Feb 01, 2017

Scarborough mosque brings 1,000 protesters to Toronto city hall

More than 1,000 members of various religious communities came to Toronto City Hall on Wednesday, in a protest hoping to...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle
Jan 31, 2017

Push for more treatment options, recovering addicts tell TPH

Fatal overdoses are on the rise according to Toronto Public Health with 253 reported in 2015. Fentanyl overdoses in...

North York Mirror | Add Comment | by Rahul Gupta
Jan 31, 2017

City will expropriate Scarborough family shelter rather than lose it

The City of Toronto will expropriate a long-standing emergency shelter for women and children in Scarborough rather than...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Jan 31, 2017

Give Scarborough's Ward 42 more respect, byelection candidates say

Most of all, Ward 42 needs respect, or it needs more help for its many young people and seniors, or it needs a subway, say...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment | by Mike Adler

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