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News | Apr 21, 2015

Take your dog for walk with Paws on the Shore

Take your dog for a walk at the fifth annual Paws on the Shore. Meet Sunday, April 26 at noon on the southeast corner of...

Etobicoke Guardian
News | Apr 10, 2015

Chance to vote for VETS Animal Charity

VETS Animal Charity, which is based in the Upper Beach, is reaching out to the community for support to receive donations...

Beach Mirror
News | Mar 19, 2015
Don Cherry

Don Cherry launches pet rescue foundation at Etobicoke Walmart

Legendary hockey coach and commentator Don Cherry gave it up for rescue animals and fans young and the young-at-heart...

Etobicoke Guardian | by Tamara Shephard
News | Mar 17, 2015
Paws in the Beaches

Solution to Beach dog waste problem is in the bag

Instead of complaining about dog waste littering the community, two Beach residents have come up with an easy, inexpensive...

Beach Mirror | by Joanna Lavoie
News | Mar 13, 2015
A Day in the Life of Leslieville

Diane Walton captures ‘A Day in the Life of Leslieville’

Photographs snapped during morning walks with her Pyrenees dog, Sunshine, have reignited longtime Leslieville resident Diane...

Beach Mirror | by Joanna Lavoie
News | Mar 04, 2015

‘Suspicious’ meat found in Beach ravine

A veterinary clinic in the Upper Beach is advising area residents be extra cautious after chicken and hamburger meat were...

Beach Mirror
Mar 01, 2015

7 top blogs for February at

It might be because Torontonians are sick of winter that February’s most-read blog was about travel, or in this case Travel...

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Feb 25, 2015

Ice cold west-end adventure for east-end pooch

Bear, a rescue dog from Mexico who now calls the Beach home, won’t soon forget her first winter in Canada. The...

Beach Mirror | Add Comment | by Joanna Lavoie
Feb 22, 2015

7 ways to help Toronto’s wildlife

1. KICK IT TO THE CURB Rinse out your recycling. Bottles, cans, jars and containers with food residue are tempting for...

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Feb 19, 2015

BAM! Breakfast donates money to VETS Animal Charity

Throughout the month of February, BAM Breakfast and Bistro, at 1970 Queen St. E., just east of Kenilworth Avenue, is hosting...

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Feb 18, 2015

Birds of prey sightings swoop into the Beach area of Toronto

Beach resident Leigh Foreman-Smith and her 11-year-old son had an interesting experience recently when they witnessed what...

Beach Mirror | Add Comment | by Joanna Lavoie
Feb 05, 2015

7 top blogs at for January

1. Animals Needing People blogger Paul Harris’ blog about teaching children that sport hunting is barbaric was back on top...

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Jan 28, 2015

Getting tough on turtle poaching in Ontario

On the poster, Captain Sunshine, a mature Blandings turtle from the Toronto Zoo, appears to having a gangster moment,...

Scarborough Mirror | 1 Comment | by Mike Adler
Jan 14, 2015

Confusing Hwy. 427 kitten crowdfunding saga continues

The majority of nearly $10,000 in donations to a crowdfunding campaign to help an injured kitten thrown onto Hwy. 427...

Etobicoke Guardian | Add Comment | by Tamara Shephard
Jan 09, 2015

Pedro the kitten’s rescuer facing fraud investigation by Toronto police

Mandi Howard eagerly anticipated adopting a tiny kitten she had rescued on Hwy. 427 a month ago. She had hoped to bring...

Etobicoke Guardian | Add Comment | by Tamara Shephard
Jan 07, 2015

SIU probe shooting of man at Bloor Street pharmacy

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit is probing a police-involved shooting at a downtown pharmacy on Wednesday morning....

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment | by Tamara Shephard

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