Warm Brie with Caramelized Topping
Among the many delicious meals being served this holiday season, Warm Brie with Caramelized Topping is definitely one upi should try.
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7 recipes you should try this Christmas

It’s time to start one of the most joyous of Christmas celebrations - planning the menu. Here...

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News | Dec 18, 2014
Gifts of Light

CAMH’s Gifts of Light campaign brings Christmas joy to inpatients

There hasn’t been a time in the seven years since the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Foundation started its...

Parkdale Villager | by Hilary Caton
News | Dec 18, 2014
Sarah Downey

Sarah Downey set to helm Toronto East General Hospital

Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) has a new president and chief executive officer. Sarah Downey, who is presently...

Beach Mirror
News | Dec 17, 2014
Ford Bobblehead cheque to Humber River Hospital

Ford family makes financial gift to Humber River Hospital

The new Humber River Hospital (HRH) got a $90,000 boost Wednesday, Dec. 17 thanks to the family of former mayor Rob Ford....

North York Mirror | by Fannie Sunshine
Health | Dec 17, 2014
Fad diets come with many risks

The health risks of crash and fad diets

The allure of the rapid and easy weight loss that crash and fad diets offer is often times too much for some people to...

Health | Dec 17, 2014

Total Ford donation to Humber River Hospital to be $90,000

This morning's announcement of a donation from the family of former Mayor Rob Ford to Humber River Hospital will total...

North York Mirror
News | Dec 17, 2014
Dr. John Hagen

HRH chief of surgery honoured as role model

Dr. John Hagen was surprised when he was told he was receiving a mentorship award for the work he does at Humber River...

North York Mirror | by Fannie Sunshine
Dec 16, 2014

Winter running tips

Running is a great way to not only stay in shape and maintain health, it is just as good for your mind as it is your body....

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Dec 15, 2014

Series: All about the Dukan diet

The Dukan diet is similar to the Paleo diet in that it is based on eating foods that primitive man used to eat when our...

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Dec 15, 2014

Blu Matter Project aims to help people with mental illness

Whether due to shorter days, a lack of sunlight, holiday stress or other factors, winter tends to bring about a spike in...

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Dec 12, 2014

Impose health rules on prostitutes: report

Impose health regulations on prostitutes, run industry like a business: report

Dec 12, 2014

Bridgepoint Health starts a sweet, new holiday tradition

Dozens of patients, staff and family members, as well as volunteers, gathered at Bridgepoint Active Healthcare the afternoon...

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Dec 10, 2014

Scarborough’s ‘What’s Up’ Walk-in Clinic offers unique, accessible mental health counselling

Scarborough’s ‘What’s Up’ Walk-in Clinic at East Metro Youth Services is looking at mental health counselling in a unique,...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment | by Ali Raza
Dec 09, 2014

Opioid may cause serious blood sugar drop

Opioid tramadol can cause potentially fatal blood sugar drop: study

Dec 08, 2014

TEGH receives workplace award

Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) has been awarded a top national prize for honouring its commitment to and excellence in...

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Dec 06, 2014

Scott Capper is back on his feet, thanks to Parkdale’s E.W. Bickle Centre

At Parkdale’s E.W. Bickle Centre, a branch of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Scott Capper is a superstar. When he...

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Dec 06, 2014

7 top blogs in November from

From detoxs to doghouses, visitors enjoyed these 7 blogs in November. 1. OSPCA’s Marc Ralsky said it’s...

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