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Jul 07, 2014

Melanie's Musings

Melanie’s Musings hones in on entertainment and fun activities in the city – ranging from shows to see to tips for entertaining on the fly – and showcases inspiration and tricks for staying stylish and having a good time, whether exploring Toronto or venturing to suburbia, cottage country and beyond.

By Melanie Filipp
Jul 03, 2014

Life with Pets

Life with Pets explores the day-to-day joys and struggles that come along with sharing one’s home with the animals they love. As a pet owner and enthusiast, I’m sick and tired of hearing about the same old issues and will do my best to face all topics with a fresh and balanced perspective.

By Tess Morgan
Mar 14, 2014


My blog is about food. The love of food. My great desire to have you, the reader, fall in love, too. I want you to be excited to create, want to taste the treats at a farmers market, explore sections of your supermarket you never look at and most of all have fun. We will go on this journey together.

By Joanna Sable
Feb 19, 2014

Toronto Fashion Hunt

Liza Zawadzka blogs for Toronto Fashion Hunt, a blog that provides readers with timely coverage of fashion events and news in Toronto. The focus is on local fashion - the best vintage and consignment shops, Toronto designers, beauty treatments and spas, street fashion and of course, all our amazing events including fashion shows and exhibits.

By Liza Zawadzka
Feb 19, 2014

Toronto Urban Explorers

Nathalie Sehgal and Taylor Stinson are exploring the most popular downtown venues and events, with a touch of lifestyle advice. Visit them at

By Taylor Stinson
Jan 31, 2014

Animals Needing People

Animals Needing People explores the relationship between animals, both domestic and wild, and the people they live among, with emphasis on how the latter can improve the lives of the former. Paul Harris volunteers with ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals, a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency (

By Paul Harris
Jan 10, 2014

Toronto Dog Talk

Toronto Dog Talk discusses all things dog - from fun places to take you pup around the city, to training tips and health and safety. Alison Smith, a dog trainer and co-owner of Personal Paws Dog Training in Toronto, will offer you all kinds of tips and ideas that will help you and your dog to have fun, stay safe, and be well trained. Visit or contact

By Alison Smith
Nov 07, 2013

Clean Living Corner

Beata Rydyger, a registered holistic nutritionist, specializes in natural beauty, digestion and detox.

By Beata Rydyger

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