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Aug 08, 2014

Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies (And Enjoy Them Too!)

Marni Wasserman is a culinary nutritionist, health strategist and founder of Marni Wasserman’s Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop in midtown Toronto. Wasserman wants to share her delicious knowledge with you! She is dedicated to providing individuals with the education they need to make balanced lifestyle choices. Through her health and food blogs you will quickly realize that every day eating can be simple, delicious, and fully nourishing. Visit

By Marni Wasserman
Aug 08, 2014

Book Time

Books are my shoes. Book Time is a monthly blog that offers a list of new books from Torontonians and authors from around the world based on a monthly theme. Contact Lisa Day at for details.

By Lisa Day
Jul 25, 2014

Empower your Life

Empower Your Life is a blog designed to support you on the path of transformation, whether you contemplating the first step or are well on your way. Using neuroscience, mindfulness practices and holistic medicine, our team of experts will guide you to a healthier, happier, more balanced life. It’s time. We can help. Visit or follow up on Twitter at @helix_health. Blogs will be written by Jesse Hanson is the clinical director; Carmen Littlejohn, a psychotherapist; Tara Rose, VP of business development and marketing; and Mark Rivkin, CEO and founder of Helix Healthcare Group.

By Mark Rivkin
Jul 25, 2014

Health with Harmony

Walking into a yoga class, signing up for Crossfit, or joining a bootcamp for the first time can no doubt be intimidating. Not knowing what to expect and the fear of making a complete fool of yourself is what has held me back in the past. With my 30s rapidly approaching, it’s time to put on a brave face in search of a healthier me. Follow my blog, Health with Harmony, as I venture into new and old-school fitness classes and dabble in health trends for the first time. I promise it will not be pretty or graceful, but it will be playful and entertaining to say the least.

By Mandy Harmony
Jul 14, 2014

Travel Talk with Jimmy

An inside look at this year’s travel trends. Everything from the Best destination weddings and How to do Europe efficiently, to the efficacy of traveler’s insurance and travel agents. This blog will provide you with an in-depth look at trending destinations and upcoming developments in the travel industry.

By Jimmy Murillo
Jul 07, 2014

Melanie's Musings

Melanie’s Musings hones in on entertainment and fun activities in the city – ranging from shows to see to tips for entertaining on the fly – and showcases inspiration and tricks for staying stylish and having a good time, whether exploring Toronto or venturing to suburbia, cottage country and beyond.

By Melanie Filipp
Jul 03, 2014

Life with Pets

Life with Pets explores the day-to-day joys and struggles that come along with sharing one’s home with the animals they love. As a pet owner and enthusiast, I’m sick and tired of hearing about the same old issues and will do my best to face all topics with a fresh and balanced perspective.

By Tess Morgan
Jan 31, 2014

Animals Needing People

Animals Needing People explores the relationship between animals, both domestic and wild, and the people they live among, with emphasis on how the latter can improve the lives of the former. Paul Harris volunteers with ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals, a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency (

By Paul Harris

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