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May 21, 2015

Allergies & Special Diets

​Allergies & Special Diets will look at living with ​food ​allergies and special diets and how you can enjoy ​healthy living.

By Lisa Cantkier
Mar 24, 2015


This review page is dedicated to restaurants to go to, not bad ones. Because I am in the industry, I will rarely call out a place publically unless they are mind bogglingly bad. I will devote this to where I think you should go and I will tell you what I have eaten. Eat Well, Joanna

By Joanna Sable
Feb 27, 2015

Book News

A look at what is new in the world of books.

By Lisa Day
Feb 27, 2015

416 Paws

I will blog mainly about dog0related topics, from covering dog friendly events, to describing the latest pet-friendly spot I discover while touring Toronto with my dogs. I will also blog recipes, book reviews and about dog walking and exercise fitness.

By Evelyn Avila
Nov 18, 2014

4 Wheel Explorer

4 Wheel Explorer blogger Kathy Renwald talks about cars and trips, and using cars to do the things you love.

By Kathy Renwald
Oct 27, 2014

Be Your Best

Self-reflection is essential to our mental health. But not everyone can afford the expense or time to see a Psychotherapist. My blog is an educational tool dedicated to making psychology, and all of its teachings, accessible and understandable to the public. To find out more or book Natasha, please visit Follow her on Twitter @NatashaSharma17

By Natasha Sharma
Oct 27, 2014

Toronto's Gluten-Free Foodie

Rachael Hunt demonstrates how diverse and delicious gluten-free can be through her blog Toronto's Gluten-Free Foodie. Find her her at

By Rachael Hunt
Aug 08, 2014

Book Time

Books are my shoes. Book Time is a monthly blog that offers a list of new books from Torontonians and authors from around the world based on a monthly theme. Contact Lisa Day at for details.

By Lisa Day

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