Meditation through yoga: A path to acceptance The...
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Meditation through yoga: A path to acceptance The three stages of equanimity

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Equanimity through meditation can be achieved through regular yoga practice with qualified instructors, like those at Maureen Rae’s Yoga Studio in Etobicoke. By placing yourself in the hands of an experienced yoga instructor’s gentle guidance, you’ll find yourself closer to achieving the calmness and acceptance you’ll need for further enlightenment.

It is a truth that we are all human, and every human body is unique, but at the same time, we all struggle with the same issues — sickness, injury, death — and are all bound by the same adventure we call life. The search for happiness can be challenging, but it’s well worth the struggle.

For those seeking equanimity, there are three main states you can expect to experience before reaching a peaceful and accepting state:

1.    Avoidance: This is a common path for many people who seek to avoid the pain and sensations that cause displeasure. Unfortunately, avoiding problems does not make them, or our pain, go away, and in many cases avoidance can even make them worse. Meditation and contemplation can often relieve the necessity for avoidance and take you one step closer to equanimity.

2.    Acknowledgement: The second state in the search for equanimity is acknowledging the things that are hurting us. We fear acknowledgement the same way we fear pain and avoid it to protect ourselves, but to be free we must acknowledge and develop compassion for others and ourselves. Only by acknowledging what has caused us pain can we strive for the final stage before reaching equanimity, and acceptance.

3.    Acceptance: The path to true spiritual freedom comes from acceptance — acceptance of ourselves, of others, of the sensations we experience and our role in the world. True acceptance can be achieved through meditation and yoga practice, where we contemplate our spiritual self and seek greater enlightenment.  

At Maureen Rae’s Yoga Studio, you will find the guidance you need to fully explore the benefits of Vinyasa yoga and its role in the search for acceptance. Explore the range of courses available through the studio, and place yourself in the hands of qualified instructors who can help you strengthen your body and your spirit.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 416-716-7589 or email You can also drop by their centrally located studio at 5324 Dundas Street West.

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