Kitchen Tech 101: The Five Products You Need To...
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Kitchen Tech 101: The Five Products You Need To Make Your Kitchen Smarter

Smart home technology is flourishing for the simple reason that it has almost unlimited potential to make our lives easier and remove much of the hassle from our daily activities.

As any homeowner will attest to, the kitchen is one the highest usage areas of any home and probably one of the most deserving of new technological innovations. If you have been waiting and hoping for something new and exciting to change the way you view mundane kitchen tasks, the wait is over.

With new smart home technology, your old kitchen can finally learn new tricks.

Want to know exactly what kind of tricks I’m talking about? Read on to learn about the five smart kitchen products that will completely change the way you experience preparing and eating your food.

1.    Smart Forks: Made by HAPI, smart fork technology monitors how quickly you eat and gently vibrates if it feels you aren’t taking your time. Many of us are guilty of hasty and even mindless eating, but this smart fork technology encourages just the opposite. It can also be paired with a smart phone application to provide data on your meal duration and other interesting feedback on your eating habits such as the number of fork to mouth movements you make at each meal.

2.    Smart Frying Pans: Also known as the Pantelligent, this smart pan monitors the temperature in whatever food you happen to be frying and even adjusts it for you. The pan also lets you know when your food is done to ensure the perfectly cooked piece of meat without requiring you to be at your stove. It really is the next best thing to  food that cooks itself!

3.    Smart Kitchen Scales: Cook books and measuring cups are so last year. Smart scales, such as The Drop, will forever change the way you experience baking. The scale connects with a smart phone application that will precisely weight and measure ingredients and seamlessly lead you through complex recipes, which it has a database of!

4.    Smart Thermometers: Finally, the perfect steak is at your fingertips. There are a variety of Bluetooth compatible smart thermometers on the market that will monitor your steak (and other meats) internal temperature and let you know precisely when it is ready to go. From now on, medium rare really does mean medium rare.

5.    Smart Fridges: Smart Fridges are the pinnacle of Smart Kitchen technology and are by far the away the most expensive of the five product categories that are showcased here today. The most impressive models on the market are offered by Samsung and can do everything from remotely allowing you to monitor what is in your fridge, to allowing you to look up recipes on a digital screen that is part of the fridge’s exterior.

There you have it folks, the five products that will completely change the way you think about your kitchen technology.  If you found something in this list that you think will make your life easier, don’t be afraid to give it a shot. That is the primary purpose of smart home technology after all!

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