4 reasons to start practising yoga for mental and...
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4 reasons to start practising yoga for mental and physical fitness


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Before you go to a gym or book a session with a therapist to improve your mental and physical fitness, try yoga at Maureen Rae’s Yoga Studio in Etobicoke.

Yoga is well known as a way of improving flexibility, but did you know you it can also improve your strength and balance, and even reduce stress and change your emotional and mental outlook on life?

Here’s what yoga can do for you:

•    Improve your mental and emotional fitness: That’s right, yoga can actually improve your mood! As with any exercise, yoga can provide a mood lift, but the relaxation component that accompanies yoga practice only adds to that effect, giving you a peaceful, content feeling that you won’t get from running laps at the gym.

•    Improve your flexibility and strength: Suitable for beginners or more advanced students, yoga can be performed by anyone of any age or ability level. By moving through the various yoga poses, yoga will help stretch tired muscles and improve your flexibility. Maintaining poses is also an excellent way to build muscle and strength and increase bone density.

•    Reduce stress: Today’s world is stressful, so reducing that stress can be challenging. What could be more of a stress relief than getting some exercise while focusing on your breathing and ending a session with a relaxation session? Exercise alone can help reduce stress, but yoga goes that extra mile as a real stress buster.

•    Boost healing energy: The stories of people who have been healed through yoga are plentiful — yoga works to align your body and get everything working the way it should. Healing through yoga works by moving energy along the seven points on the spinal column, called chakras, which restores and transfers energy in your body. When you practise yoga, you are actually squeezing out the bad energy and allowing in the healing energy!

At Maureen Rae’s Yoga Studio, their registered teachers understand that a healthy mind equals a healthy body, and are there to help you achieve both through the regular practice of yoga. A settled and focused mind can help you make better choices in life and at work, and a fit body will allow you to better enjoy the choices you make!

For more information about Maureen Rae’s Yoga Studio and to book your first session, call 416-716-7589. Remember that at Maureen Rae’s Yoga Studio, their goal is to help you enjoy your life and realize your dreams!

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