Why it pays to hire a Realtor when selling your...
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Why it pays to hire a Realtor when selling your home

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If you're considering selling your home without the aid of a Realtor, Jason Yee Shui of Royal LePage Partners Realty in Toronto, Ontario, wants you to think carefully about what you're taking on.

Some sellers opt to forego using an agent to save the commission fees, but you could end up losing a lot of money and time by selling yourself. If you think you have the real estate knowledge, free time and negotiating skills, you could perhaps make a go of it. However, "for sale by owner" is definitely not for everyone.

Jason has extensive real estate knowledge and knows the process well, and because of this can help you buy and sell property with your best interests in mind. He knows the industry terminology and has worked to reach several deals with other Realtors, which is not something the average seller can boast. More importantly Jason has a proven track record working with “for sale by owners.” He has helped several sellers sell their homes who were unsuccessful trying to sell on their own.   

Keep in mind that if you're selling directly to the buyer, the buyer does not have a professional Realtor they can contact and there isn't a support staff to answer their questions at any time of day. There is a real misconception that the buyer is just as comfortable negotiating a real estate transaction without representation as a seller is selling without representation. The fact of the matter is that most buyers want to have a Realtor guide them through the process to ensure their interests are protected. From a selling standpoint, without the help of a Realtor who knows the particular real estate market well, you could be pricing your property too high or too low (both of which are big mistakes).  

Jason offers a home valuation service that can help determine the best price for your home for the particular neighbourhood and market conditions.

Without an agent, you may also make mistakes such as not properly preparing (staging) your home for showings. Having a well-staged home increases the chances of making a sale faster and for more money.

The bottom line is that while you won't have to pay a seller's commission, you could end up leaving a lot of money on the table when the deal is signed (not to mention having the stress of trying to navigate the sale yourself). Trust a professional to take care of one of the biggest transactions of your life!

To find out more about what Jason can offer, visit his website, call his office at 416-229-4454 or send him a message online.

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