#Saveitfwd Twitter campaign reveals Canadians...
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#Saveitfwd Twitter campaign reveals Canadians shopping and saving habits

Campaign encourages Canadians to share deals with friends by "saving it forward"

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Did you know that on February 9th, 2016, Save.ca hosted a Twitter Party using the hashtag #saveitfwd, where they asked participants a series of questions about how they grocery shop and save money. With the cost of food on the rise, we thought it would be a great opportunity for regular Canadians to share their tips, tricks, and strategies with each other.

Starting at 8 P.M. our clever Save.ca Twitter gurus asked six questions to get the discussion started. We even gave out some sweet prizes, such as Visa and WagJag gift cards!

The party was a huge success, and #saveitfwd was even trending on Twitter in Canada – which is amazing! Not only did we create a lot of buzz, but we also helped a bunch of savvy Canadians save even more!

If the party was past your bedtime and you missed it, here are the six questions we asked during this celebration of saving!


What grocery item do you spend the most on?

Many participants mentioned fresh vegetables and meat in their answers. This is important because these are two major categories on most people’s weekly shopping lists. Everyone wants to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, but not have to remortgage their house for a head of cauliflower!

question 1


Since today (February 9th) is all about helping Canadians save, what’s your best tip for saving on groceries?

The responses to this question were awesome! Many cited checking weekly fliers, using coupons, and asking to price matching as their best tips to save on food. Some suggested buying extra meat when it’s on sale, and freezing it. Lots of great tips and tricks were shared to help others #saveitfwd!

question 2


Where do you find the best grocery savings? Tag your favourite grocery store!

While participants were from all across the country, some grocery chains emerged as popular favourites. Some preferred stores that offered price matching, while others were enticed by good weekly deals. This generated some good discussion.

question 3


Have you ever felt shy to use a coupon at the cash register?

While some people were puzzled by this question, others admitted to feeling a bit insecure when using coupons. In the end, most of the Tweets expressed that even though they felt a bit uncomfortable, they quickly got over it after they realized how much money it would save them! Bottom line, if a company authorizes a coupon, don’t be shy and use it!

question 4


Fill in the blank with an emoji. ____ how I feel shopping with my kids or spouse!

This playful question received many clever and hilarious responses! Some shared images depicting anger and frustration, while others were happy. We all know shopping with our families can be a challenge, but when you’re a busy parent you sometimes have to just smile and make the best of it!

question 5


Why is it important to you to shop smart and save on groceries?

The answers varied here, but all had one thing in common – it’s nice to have extra money for other things! For some participants they felt it was important to save money to help pay down other bills, or to invest in their future. Others joked that they could use the money they saved to buy themselves a treat. No matter what you do with the money you save, it’s nice to know that you can live a better, more balanced life when not all of your hard earned money is going to pay for groceries.

question 6

Lastly, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all the participants from across the country! Your comments, suggestions, questions, and insights were extremely valuable! After all, when it comes to the cost of food, we’re all in this together so it’s great when we can help a fellow Canadian to #saveitfwd.

Feel free to continue the party in the comments section and tell us more about how you save on groceries.

ABOUT SAVE.ca: Save.ca has been Canada's premier destination for flyers and coupons since 2000, helping Canadians save on everyday items with over 40 flyers available online every day.

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By Ric | MARCH 27, 2016 09:36 AM
Just one more example of trying to show that there is actually a purpose to Stupid media. Just like, my Thurs issue of "The News" with all the flyers we use to do weekend shopping failed to arrive until yesterday ( while my wife was out shopping). the carrier said sorry for the late arrival but we could have gotten all the flyers ON LINE. Yeh sure !! Carry my PC INTO THE STORE ?? Are people really that STUPID ??
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