Keeping track of what needs changing in your car,...
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Keeping track of what needs changing in your car, and when

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Believe it or not, the licensed professional technicians at Etobicoke’s Morton Motors Inc. don’t rub their hands with glee when your vehicle shudders into their shop with smoke creeping out from under the hood.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They will be the first to tell you to relax and sit down before you start to fret over the frequency of oil changes, the weight of oil your car should use, when brake fluid should be changed and, yes, even when to rotate your tires.

In your glove compartment is where you will likely find some of the most important documentation you possess regarding the general maintenance of your specific vehicle: the owner’s manual. This thick, information-laden tome has practically everything you could need or even want to know about the maintenance schedule for your vehicle. It’s all there. It usually shows suggestions for moderate use (generally 20,000 to 24,000 kilometres a year), and then separate suggestions for heavier use.

Chances are, like most people, initially you may have the best of intentions and will look over schedules and make a mental note to do better with this car. However, soon enough, reality sets in, life gets in the way and, before you know it, your vehicle is more sluggish and the windshield smears with every passing wipe of a blade.

If ever you have any doubt, discuss your needs with Morton Motors’ service department and arrange to have them advise you by email or phone call when scheduled maintenance is required for your car, SUV or light truck based upon your manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines and your specific driving habits. In this way, there is less chance of missing necessary servicing or having something wear out and break at the most inopportune moment. Plus, all your maintenance records will be in at least two places: your home and on file in the computer system of Morton Motors.

Don’t know the difference between 5W20 and 10W30 motor oil? No matter. Have the licensed techs at Morton Motors Inc. remove all guesswork from the equation and have them partner with you on your vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance. Call 416-234-0061 today. Follow them on Facebook.

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