ALL ABOUT THE FLU: 5 facts about the flu shot
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ALL ABOUT THE FLU: 5 facts about the flu shot

Here are five facts you may not have known about the influenza vaccine:

Immunization side effects are minor

Most commonly, mild soreness at the vaccination site is the only side effect. Less common are headaches and muscle pain. As a precaution, you will be asked to remain for 15 - 20 minutes following vaccination.

Flu vaccine can't give you the flu

The flu vaccine must meet the very highest standards. In order to offer you the most effective protection, the vaccine must contain part of the virus itself – the virus is dead and cannot give you the flu.

New flu strains mean a new vaccine each year

Each year the World Health Organization identifies the particular stains of the flu the new vaccine must protect against. The vaccine is then produced to be most effective against those strains. Each year, you need to receive the new vaccine to be effectively protected against influenza.

You should get immunized before the season heats up!

October to April is flu season. Get immunized in time. It takes 2 weeks for immunity to develop. Take preventive steps; the best protection is immunization. Remember, your last year’s flu vaccination won’t protect you this year.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can get the flu shot

Influenza vaccine is considered safe and may be beneficial for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy and for breastfeeding mothers. Speak to your health care professional for further information.


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