ALL ABOUT THE FLU: What should I do after my flu...
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ALL ABOUT THE FLU: What should I do after my flu shot?

Remain within the building for at least 15 minutes

Here's the breakdown of what you should do after getting your flu shot:

• Remain within the building for at least 15 minutes. The nurse or pharmacist needs to watch you to see how you react to the flu shot. It is most likely that you will be fine, but a very small number of people can have a reaction that the nurse or pharmacist will need to treat with a drug immediately.

• If you feel faint or short of breath, or experience chest tightness, inform the nurse or pharmacist.

• In extremely rare instances, an allergic reaction may occur. The nurse or pharmacist is prepared to handle this.

What can I expect?

Possible Side Effects Following the Flu Shot

• Sore Arm

• Redness at the needle site

Exercising the arm or applying a cold pack later in the day will minimize the discomfort; if necessary take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to ease the pain.

Rare Side Effects Following the Flu Shot

• Fever

• Headache

• Tiredness

• Muscle soreness

Symptoms may start 6-12 hours after the flu shot. If any of these symptoms do not go away in 1-2 days or get worse see your doctor.

Extremely Rare Side Effects Following the Flu Shot

• Shortness of breath

• Tightness in chest

• Feeling of faintness or weakness

• Swelling of lips

• Hives

If any of these symptoms occur, you could be having a severe reaction to the vaccine. This is a medical emergency! Call for HELP! Go to the nearest emergency clinic. Report any reactions to your doctor.


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By Joan | NOVEMBER 11, 2015 10:43 PM
Better still, don't get the flu shot. If you get the flu, stay home in bed for 1-2 days. Give your immune system a good work out.
By HamiltonSomewhere | NOVEMBER 11, 2015 02:43 PM
You have to give the Spec credit for acknowledging that this is paid content. Many publications hide the fact that many articles are paid advertorials, which is completely unethical. Ideally, paid content wouldn't exist, but we live in different times where news organizations struggle to survive. At least the Spec is being transparent here.
By Cynthia | NOVEMBER 11, 2015 01:36 PM
You have to ask yourself, but why is this article a "sponsored content"?...
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