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Jan 07, 2014  |  Vote 0    0

Heating and lighting systems should be independent, reader writes

Scarborough Mirror

To the editor:

Some years back, the heating and lighting systems were independent. When one system broke down, the other was still functioning.

In the name of modernization/efficiency, we have made the systems inter-dependent. If there is a power outage, then there was no heating as well in spite of the fact the heating was mainly done by gas.

Older homes, which still depend on the exclusive gas heating system, at least had the heat and some residents were also having hot coffee/ food as they used gas cookers.

For me, the lesson of this storm is that one needs to have independent systems in place (don’t have gas and hydro doing one function such as heating) with some built-in redundancies so these natural calamities, which seem to be more frequent now, have less effect on our lives.

The province/federal government should encourage manufacturers/householders with suitable incentives to make this a reality. It’s cheaper to prevent than deal with the after-effects.

All highrise dwelling units need to have their building code requirements changed to ensure the lifts and passages are lit up and functional at all times through locally generated power.

The respective city councils should pass the required bylaws. We have more seniors preferring to live in highrise buildings with the community and they need this assurance/assistance


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By Luanne | JANUARY 08, 2014 12:15 PM
During a storm of the magnitude we've just had, electrical and other necessary contractors should be MADE to keep their costs reasonable for those suffering an outage of any kind. I've heard about a contractor who charged $9,000.00 to change a hydro service. That's robbery! Making money off people who are suffering is morally and ethically wrong! $9k to change a service/repair a damaged one...really? Contractors who make money off the backs of others in tight situations should really be ashamed!!
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