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David Nickle: THE CITY
Jun 25, 2016 | Add Comment | City Centre Mirror

Toronto's past public finance practices have experienced its own form of Brexit

David Nickle

In many ways, the UK’s vote Thursday to extract itself from the European Union has very little to...

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News | Jun 23, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: The forecast for the NHL draft

This just in, hockey fans. Couch Potato Canada has issued a “whether” alert across the country until Friday evening, the...

York Guardian | by Jamie Wayne
News | Jun 21, 2016
David Nickle: THE CITY

Final executive committee meeting before summer break could be term’s most important

Next week Mayor John Tory’s Executive Committee sits down for the last time before business at city hall winds down for the...

Scarborough Mirror
News | Jun 21, 2016

Toronto Mayor John Tory backing road safety plan that will cost $68 million over five years

Pedestrian and cycling safety advocates are fuming, but a road safety plan meant to curb the spate of deaths was approved in...

Parkdale Villager
News | Jun 16, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: An underrated Father’s Day gift

For those of you who still haven’t gotten around to getting your dad a Father’s Day present yet and you live close enough...

York Guardian | by Jamie Wayne
Columns | Jun 16, 2016
Golda's Balcony

FRONT ROW CENTRE: One-woman show Golda’s Balcony is a great look into life of Golda Meir

The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company wraps up their ninth season with a spectacular star performance unlike any you have...

North York Mirror | by Mark Andrew Lawrence
News | Jun 14, 2016

TOinTRANSIT: Toronto police blame people for traffic congestion

It appears pedestrians, not cars, snarl traffic the most. Just ask the police. Additional uniformed officers appeared...

Scarborough Mirror
Jun 13, 2016

THE CITY: We’ve come far, but not far enough in eradicating homophobia

It was to be a nice little holiday in California: joining my wife at the end of a west-coast business junket to stay with...

Beach Mirror | Add Comment
Jun 09, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: Raise your hand if you’ve been to a school reunion

My old stomping grounds, West Preparatory Junior Public School, is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary with a reunion in...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Jun 09, 2016

THE CITY: Karygiannis doing his part to play role of council’s angry man

Ah, Scarborough-Agincourt Councillor Jim Karygiannis. We have not seen his like since… well really, since the last time the...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
Jun 07, 2016

TOinTRANSIT: Presto fare card is not created equal for all TTC users

Some seniors are crying foul about Presto. While the smart-fare card distinguishes between regular and special fares, in...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
Jun 03, 2016

THE CITY: Mayor John Tory is handicapped by Scarborough subway extension

It seemed, for a few months there, that evidence-based decision making was finally a thing at Toronto City Hall. Our...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
May 31, 2016

TOinTransit: Drivers: Steer clear of bike lanes

Drivers be warned: if you park in a bike lane you might face a hefty fine. For the next couple of weeks, Toronto police...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
May 26, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: Perfect weather for a concert in the park

Sunday was a beautiful day for a concert in the park and as fate would have it, a group of friends invited me to bring out...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
May 25, 2016

FRONT ROW CENTRE: Catch Stage Center Production’s version of George Bernard Shaw’s You Never Can Tell

Stage Center Productions wraps up their 39th season with George Bernard Shaw’s early comedy You Never Can Tell. This is Shaw...

North York Mirror | Add Comment | by Mark Andrew Lawrence
May 24, 2016

TOinTransit: Petition calls for more consideration for low-income transit riders

The city’s most prominent transit advocacy group is looking to drum up support ahead of a critical TTC board meeting....

Scarborough Mirror | 1 Comment
May 22, 2016

THE CITY: More councillors at Toronto City Hall gives residents better access to their representatives

Looked at from a certain perspective, there’s not much to say about the plan to readjust ward boundaries in Toronto, in time...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle

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