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You Never Can Tell
Sara Jackson as Dolly Clandon and Stephen Vani as Philip Clandon while Heather Goodall as Mrs. Clandon looks on in You Never Can Tell by George...
May 25, 2016 | Add Comment | North York Mirror

FRONT ROW CENTRE: Catch Stage Center Production’s version of George Bernard Shaw’s You Never Can Tell

Mark Andrew Lawrence

Stage Center Productions wraps up their 39th season with George Bernard Shaw’s early comedy You...

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News | May 26, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: Perfect weather for a concert in the park

Sunday was a beautiful day for a concert in the park and as fate would have it, a group of friends invited me to bring out...

York Guardian | by Jamie Wayne
News | May 24, 2016

TOinTransit: Petition calls for more consideration for low-income transit riders

The city’s most prominent transit advocacy group is looking to drum up support ahead of a critical TTC board meeting....

Scarborough Mirror
News | May 22, 2016
THE CITY: More councillors at Toronto City Hall gives residents better access to their representatives

THE CITY: More councillors at Toronto City Hall gives residents better access to their representatives

Looked at from a certain perspective, there’s not much to say about the plan to readjust ward boundaries in Toronto, in time...

City Centre Mirror | by David Nickle
News | May 19, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: Victoria Day long weekend kicks off summer

Summer doesn’t actually arrive until June 20 this year, but all week long I’ve been hearing that the Victoria Day long...

York Guardian | by Jamie Wayne
News | May 17, 2016
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: Toronto councillors need to grow up when it comes to raising money to sustain the city

If recent history has taught us nothing else, let us remember this: that left to their own devices, Toronto’s political...

City Centre Mirror
News | May 17, 2016

TOinTransit: Apple invests in Uber’s rival in ride-sharing industry

The legalization of Uber is well at hand, but could another tech giant one day enter the ride-hailing market? It...

City Centre Mirror
May 13, 2016

THE CITY: Toronto is lawless Deadwood as it deals with more than 100 marijuana dispensaries

Over the years I’ve heard Toronto described as many things – a world-class city, Toronto the Good, Hollywood North. But...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
May 12, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: I finally came to my census

So, did you get your 2016 census filled out yet? I did mine. Online. Truth be told, I would have much preferred to...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
May 12, 2016

EDGES OF TORONTO: The Big Red Eight Takes Bathurst Street

The $8 men’s haircut is suddenly part of Bathurst Street in North York, like bagels, kosher sushi, Filipino groceries, and...

North York Mirror | 1 Comment | by Mike Adler
May 10, 2016

THE CITY: Taxi drivers and left-wing councillors lose in Toronto’s Uber debate

Last week’s vote on Uber at Toronto Council did undeniable harm to two very vulnerable groups in our city. Taxi drivers...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
May 10, 2016

TOinTransit: Western tunnelling for Crosstown LRT is complete

The Eglinton Crosstown LRT celebrated an important construction milestone this week. Metrolinx announced the completion...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
May 05, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: Memories rekindled for families and fans of Wayne & Shuster

I thought I’d pass on something that happened to me a lot in my allegedly formative years. I figured the older readers out...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
May 03, 2016

THE CITY: Taking on troublesome raccoons a perfect fit for Mayor John Tory

I was struck last week, attending the official launch of Toronto’s new racoon-proof green bins on a lovely, quiet street in...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
May 03, 2016

TO in TRANSIT: “Idiot” motorist apologizes to 504 King streetcar passengers for “lapse in judgement”

A self-professed “idiot” motorist apologized this week for cutting off riders disembarking a TTC streetcar. As detailed...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
Apr 29, 2016

THE CITY: Byelection will likely lead to the return of a Ford to Toronto Council

John Tory could scarcely have answered the question any differently. Does he support a byelection to fill the seat in Ward 2...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle
Apr 28, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY: Expect success from Canadian NHL teams this post-season – off the ice

First round NHL TV ratings were way down, as expected, considering none of the seven Canadian teams made it to the playoffs...

Beach Mirror | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne

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