Seeking 365 things to do in Etobicoke
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Seeking 365 things to do in Etobicoke

Residents invited to suggest ideas online

Etobicoke Guardian

When Etobicoke's Rick Robibero had an idea to create a website featuring 365 things to do in Etobicoke, his friends wondered if there was even 100 items that could be pulled together, he recalled.

But Robibero, a long-time Etobicoke resident, is determined to fill out the list, even if it takes years.

"After a day of research I amassed a huge list of events, stores, and restaurants and have been putting up these items (on the website) every couple of days," said Robibero.

The website is suitably called, with a related Facebook group ( created about two months ago. So far it seems there are many others interested in sharing their ideas on what they think is a cool local hangout or event in Etobicoke, as evidenced by the banter on the group page.

"All of a sudden I have 1,000 users on Facebook," he said.

While the social networking site group members post events or venues in Etobicoke, Robibero considers the items for the master list.

"I started just brainstorming in the beginning, then started getting people recommending events, things I've never heard of," he said. "Those things for sure I'm going to incorporate into the list."

Every few days, he plans on adding another item to the website.

"The goal is within a couple of years to have a complete list," he said. "Someone was asking me 'are you going to do one (item) a day for the next year?', and it's really hard to do that."

The "ultimate goal" is to end up with a 'top 10' list, based on the number of 'likes' from users for each posted item on the Facebook group. The page creator may also eventually divide the list into categories, for example top 10 restaurants, he said.

He is getting feedback and requests already. In fact, a marketing rep for Albion Centre stumbled across the site and requested the venue be placed on the list.

Robibero said he will comply, in time.

"A lot of people say, 'hey, that's a great idea for a site, thanks for doing it'," he noted.

As of Aug. 3 there were 24 items on the master list, including Sherway Gardens, Apache Burger, Annual Tulip Festival, Fusion of Taste festival and Lobsterfest to name a handful.

Robibero didn't rule out the possibility of publishing a book of the top things to do in Etobicoke saying it would be the ideal tourist booklet an area hotel would carry once the list is complete.

"(I'll) cross that bridge when I come to it, I'll see how many followers I have," he said. "I find it fun and after all is said and done, I love living here and want everyone to be aware of all the great things we have right here in Etobicoke."

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