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Aug 15, 2008  |  Vote 0    0

Parking fees make Bluffers Park less accessible

Scarborough Mirror

sc: 'Parking fee for Bluffers Park irks resident,' News, Aug. 6

Rudy Leck is not the only Scarborough resident who is disgusted by the parking fee at Bluffers Park. The other day I took a visiting relative to Bluffers to check out the park, and was shocked to see the weekday parking fee.

Needless to say, we drove through the parking lot and out, and later spent a lovely half-hour in Rosetta McLain Park, just a bit further west, where we did not have to pay.

I remember the "old days" when it was really hard for us to get to the Scarborough Bluffs, but we managed to go anyway; and I remember watching the dump trucks carrying landfill to make the park, when my father told me how happy he was that the area would be accessible to all of us. And when it opened, Bluffers Park was accessible to all of us who had really strong legs, or a decent car, at least.

Then there was a parking fee for weekends, which I could understand, as the park was a very popular place for families to visit on a summer Saturday or Sunday.

But it was surprising to see that there is a parking fee on weekdays. I was not very happy, and I guess that a lot of other people were not happy, as there were very few cars in the two parking lots.

Claudine Goller

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