Time to recharge your battery, if you haven’t...
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Time to recharge your battery, if you haven’t already for the New Year

Etobicoke Guardian

We are all susceptible to the seasonal blahs, but when you’re a business owner it can be hard enough to keep your employees motivated and uplifted let alone yourself when feeling this way.

The New Year is the time to strive for new goals and implement strategies to achieve them, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed and under-enthused it can be challenging to strive to make or meet those goals.

Shannon Waller, a business coach for entrepreneurs at Strategic Coach in Toronto, said if you’re feeling this way, it could mean you didn’t take enough time off over the holidays to totally disconnect from your business.

“A lot of entrepreneurs, one of their biggest dangers are they go into a new year, where they should be on deck to be creative and come up with new solutions, and they don’t do it rested...so they drain their battery,” she said.

Waller said since 2012 was a tough year for many business owners, they should feel relieved to start fresh. If your feelings or attitude says otherwise, you need to address that.

An indicator that you’re feeling less than optimistic is if you’re predicting your business will be the same as it was last year. Waller said this outlook is extremely de-motivating for business owners.

Other indicators are if you’re moody, procrastinating or feeling uninspired. Waller said this will eventually affect your employees and your bottom line, so you should address this long before it gets to this point.

Here are some tips from Waller on what you can do:

n Same outlook? Challenge yourself to set bigger, more interesting goals. They need to be different enough so you will get inspired and stimulate yourself to go have new conversations, read new books, meet new people and think new thoughts;

n Exhausted? Take free days. This is 24 hours, midnight to midnight where you do absolutely no work, including conversations, emails or anything to do with your business;

n Perception is everything. If you’re only measuring yourself by your ideals instead of how far you’ve come it can be immensely de-motivating. Instead, look at the progress you have achieved instead of focussing on what you have yet to do;

n Reach out. It could be a business coach, peers or friends, but it has to be people who will help you get into action, connect with your real goals and help you to become creatively inspired;

n Delegate. If you feel you’re doing things that aren’t in alignment with your unique abilities, or your passions and strengths, it can zap your energy. If you can, hire someone to delegate those tasks to allow you to really focus on your unique abilities.

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