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May 28, 2012  |   
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Inside Toronto Sponsorship

Metroland Media Toronto Sponsorships

Metroland Media Toronto reaches more than 900,000 households weekly through its family of nine community newspapers. Specialty publications, magazines and community websites all add to our ways to reach the community with news, information and advertising services. As a well-rounded community-based media group, we take our responsibility seriously to support community initiatives that help make Toronto a great place to live and work.

Nature of our Community Support:

Metroland Media Toronto annually provides more than $600,000 in in-kind advertising for a variety of organizations and events within the City of Toronto. We do not provide monetary donation sponsorship. Metroland Media Toronto support includes in-kind advertising space, event support and preferred advertising rates. Wherever possible and appropriate we take active on-site roles at events we sponsor, providing information, setting up a children’s booth or providing volunteer manpower.

Areas of Interest:

• Arts & Culture

• Civic

• Community festivals

• Community and business development initiatives

• Education

• Environmental causes

• Health

• Hospitals

• Social Services

• Volunteerism

• Youth

How to Apply:

To ensure proper review of your application it is suggested to submit all applications a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks prior to the start of the proposed project or event.

Sponsorship is recognized as an integral part of Metroland Media Toronto marketing and community relations activities and the decision to provide sponsorship support is determined by one or more of the following considerations:

• Opportunities for revenue generation for Metroland Media Toronto (advertising, publications, flyer distribution)

• Business networking or client development opportunities

• Relationship development with an existing client of Metroland Media Toronto

• Degree of profile provided to Metroland Media Toronto

• Exclusivity of the sponsorship opportunity

• Opportunity to reach new markets for the products and services of Metroland Media Toronto

• Value for our readers

• Promotional opportunities for Metroland Media Toronto

• Recognized not for profit organization operating in the City of Toronto or a branch operation of a national or provincial organization that provides programs or services to residents of Toronto in one of the areas of interest for Metroland Media Toronto

Decisions of support are made by the sponsorship committee of Metroland Media Toronto. The decision of the committee is final. Applicants will be advised in writing and an agreement will be drawn up between Metroland Media Toronto and the organization receiving support.

Sponsorship applications or requests for information can be sent or emailed to the manager of sponsorship and marketing, Metroland Media Toronto, 175 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, Ontario M2H 0A2 at

Click here to complete our online application form.

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