ADOPT-A-PET TORONTO: Belle the Jack Russell mix...
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ADOPT-A-PET TORONTO: Belle the Jack Russell mix and Puff the bearded dragon

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ADOPT-A-PET TORONTO is a partnership between and the Toronto Humane Society.

This week's ADOPT-A-PET TORONTO is Belle, a 10-year-old Jack Russel mix, and Puff, a one-year-old bearded dragon.

If you would like to adopt Belle, or Puff or any other animal, please contact the Toronto Humane Society. They are located at 11 River St., Toronto. Phone 416-392-2273 or click the link below each animal.

Belle — 10-year-old Jack Russell mix

Meet 10-year-old Belle!

True to her name, Belle is a beautiful dog with a beautiful soul. She is very sweet with every person she meets, giving lots of kisses. While Belle very much enjoys the company of people, she does not like other dogs.

In general, she is excellent on leash, but when seeing another dog she may growl, bark and lunge. Even if not displaying those signs, she should not be allowed to greet other dogs as Belle can be quite feisty — even with dogs many times her size! She has had a few altercations in the past with other dogs in tight spaces, resulting in superficial injuries. Belle would enjoy a home with enough room that she won't encounter dogs, and an owner who is committed to keeping her separated from other animals.

Aside from her challenges with dogs, she is quite a gentle and sweet girl. Belle very much enjoys her crate; she just curls right up and goes to sleep. Her favorite meal is meatballs! Belle loves having her wet food formed into small, tasty treats like it's spaghetti night. Belle is a bright and inquisitive walker, and enjoys a good game of fetch. She loves to follow her foster parent from room to room and is now looking for a guardian to follow for the rest of her life.

If you are interested in this beauty, please email


Puff — one-year-old bearded dragon

Meet Puff!

Puff is a small dragon looking for an experienced owner who knows just what he needs to stay happy and healthy.

A healthy adult bearded dragon requires a minimum 75-to-120 gallon tank, as well as proper lighting and heat sources. Their diet includes fresh vegetables, fruits and protein such as live bugs.

Bearded dragon make wonderful pets, but because they can be delicate and they require such specific care, they are not ideal pets for young children. Proper research should be done before deciding if a bearded dragon is the right fit for your home, lifestyle and family.

Please email for more information on bearded dragons or to book an adoption appointment.

Please note: Puff is best suited for an experienced owner, and a family committed to providing proper care and husbandry. Due to Puff's specific care requirements, a booked adoption appointment is encouraged.

A photo of the set up enclosure, as well as the name of an exotic veterinarian, will be required before any special species adoption will be finalized.

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