Hydro pulls plug

Peggy Mills, 74, leans against old appliances she hauled out to her yard in McArthurs Mills, Ont., after she was approved for free energy-efficient models. Days later, her electricity was cut off amid her struggle to pay her bills.


One in three bicycle crashes in downtown Toronto involve streetcars, a problem that could be resolved if there were separated bike routes, according to a new study out of UBC and Ryerson University.

Police meeting

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders and Police Services Board Chairperson Andy Pringle answered questions from the public Monday, July 25, at a meeting on The Way Forward, a plan to “modernize” the city’s police force. AccessPoint on Danforth, a community hub in the Scarborough neighbourhood of Oakridge near Victoria Park Avenue. A final version of the plan will be released in January.

Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival King and Queen Showcase

Louis Saldenah's Michelle Reyes takes to the stage in her costume, 'Soca Dominator Taking Soca Music Worldwide', during the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival King and Queen Competition at Lamport Stadium Thursday night.

Suicide Squad

Will Smith, right, Margot Robbie, Davide Ayer and Mayor John Tory were on hand at the opening of Suicide Squad's Belle Reve Penitentiary exhibit donated to Toronto by Warner Brothers Tuesday at Fermenting Cellar-Distillery District. July 26, 2016

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