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Touring TO

Shawn Ahmed and friend Scott Leaver penned eight-part mini-sitcom Touring T.O., which follows two friends as they operate an only barely above board rickshaw touring company in Toronto.

Regent Park comedian Shawn Ahmed’s eight-part mini-sitcom on Bell

Any Torontonian knows about such major attractions as the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum and Casa Loma, but relatively few know about...

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The Second City

Kevin Frank is the artistic director of The Second City Training Centre in Toronto.

Second City expanding under guidance of artistic director Kevin Frank

There is hope for people who long for a career change, and Kevin Frank knows it. He went from selling computers to selling laughs...

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You get made fun of every time you pull out your phone.

9 Signs it’s time to replace your electronics

9 Signs it’s time to replace your electronics

As we grow more dependent of technology it becomes harder to say goodbye to the devices we've come to love. But sometimes, you...

See More offers information to kids about the world around them offers information to kids about the world around them

Listen to a tiger growl, read about black holes and learn about your body in DK Books new online resource for children. People who are...

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News | Feb 26, 2015

Artists approve Canada’s first labour agreement with the National Gallery of Canada

Artists across Canada have voted in record numbers to ratify Canada’s first scale agreement for visual artists at the...

York Guardian
Wow | Feb 26, 2015
Harbourfront Centre's Natrel Rink in Toronto

8 Cool places to skate for free in Ontario

At this time of year, it's hard to find reasons to leave the warmth of our homes, but skating is great exercise, a...

Brampton Guardian | by Jackie Marchildon
WhatsOn | Feb 25, 2015
2013 Ice Storm

7 awful winters in Toronto’s history

Yes, it’s cold out there, but this isn’t the worst winter this city has ever seen. Here are some of the worst winters and...

Beach Mirror
News | Feb 25, 2015
Massey Hall

First phase of Massey Hall revitalization to cost $32 million

With more than 120 years of service as one of Toronto’s premier music venues, Massey Hall is set to undergo a revitalization...

City Centre Mirror | by Justin Skinner
Wow | Feb 25, 2015
5 Best Radio Alternatives

5 Best Radio Alternatives To Ease Your Winter Commute

Driving during the winter – especially a Canadian winter – can be difficult, dangerous but more importantly, long &...

Brampton Guardian | by Bobby Roshdi
Wow | Feb 24, 2015
He says...

What he's really telling you when he says....

Ever wonder what he's thinking when he says, "Of course I don't mind if you go out with your friends"?

Brampton Guardian
News | Feb 23, 2015
Food cart design proposals accepted

Design teams sought to build food carts for this year’s Night Market benefitting The Stop

The Stop Community Food Centre’s annual Night Market is billed as a “teeming feast for the eyes, belly, and heart.”...

Bloor West Villager | by Lisa Rainford
Wow | Feb 23, 2015
20 of the best rom-com characters

20 of the best rom-com characters ever

Even the characters you don't like in a good rom-com are the type you just love to hate. Here's a list of great...

Brampton Guardian | by Jackie Marchildon

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