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You're pumped that butternut squash is a thing again

15 signs you may be too excited for fall

15 signs you may be too excited for fall

It's officially fall...time for pumpkin spice everything, football, decorative gourds, sweaters, scarves and, of course, dog sweaters!

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A screen capture of 'Noah', by Walter Woodman, a movie about Noah's breakup over social media. The film screnes at ImagineNATIVE, Oct. 22 to 26.

Walter Woodman’s $300 film garnering attention

Armed with an idea and a shoestring budget of $300, Kensingston Market resident Walter Woodman’s short film, Noah, has earned plenty of...

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Ofilio Sinbadinho

Ofilio Sinbadinho is one of the artistic directors of the upcoming dance piece, 'UPLICA - A silhouette of doubt', that will run at The Citadel starting Oct. 16.

Choreographer Ofilio Sinbadinho’s current production loosely based on Greta Garbo

In his work as a dancer and choreographer, award-winning downtown Toronto choreographer Ofilio Sinbadinho knows all about solitude....

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Ms. Claybelt the Cow

16 great Ontario oddball icons

16 great Ontario oddball icons

Vulcan, Alta., has its Starship Enterprise, and St. Paul, Alta., has its UFO Landing Pad, but Ontario is no slouch when it comes to great...

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News | Oct 16, 2014
Jordan Tannahill

Kensington Market resident Jordan Tannahill showcases latest play ‘Concord Floral

At the tender age of 26, Kensington Market resident Jordan Tannahill has already scaled impressive heights in the theatre...

City Centre Mirror | by Justin Skinner
Contests | Oct 16, 2014

Halloween Contest

Tell us what you or your child will be dressing up as for Halloween for your chance to win a $100 Bon Appetit gift card and 4...

Beach Mirror
Wow | Oct 16, 2014
Out of respect for the groom’s parents, this party is alcohol free.

17 lines no one wants to hear at a wedding reception

1. Welcome everyone. The cash bar will open in 10 minutes. 2. I'm the bride's uncle and yes, I've had a few...

Brampton Guardian | by Paul Benedetti
News | Oct 15, 2014
Youth Love Fashion

Fashion dreams become reality for disadvantaged Toronto youth

For many disadvantaged Toronto youth, the world of runway fashion shows may seem out of reach. Thanks to a partnership...

City Centre Mirror | by Justin Skinner
Wow | Oct 15, 2014
Thanks. For being my dad.

18 things you should say to your dad before it’s too late

"Thanks for being tough on me when I needed it."

Brampton Guardian | by Paul Benedetti
News | Oct 14, 2014
5 Ways to Use Pumpkins

5 Ways to Use Pumpkin

It’s pumpkin time, so head out to your nearest pumpkin patch, pick the best one and use it in one of the following ways:...

Parkdale Villager
Wow | Oct 13, 2014
Do you have someone special?

12 questions every twenty-something is sick of hearing at a family get together

"So...what can you really do with a history degree?"

Brampton Guardian | by Paul Benedetti
Wow | Oct 10, 2014
Rum is gluten-free.

16 things to remember to survive Thanksgiving

1. Turkey is gluten-free 2. Volunteer to go to the airport. It takes a lot of extra hours to do airport runs...

Brampton Guardian

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