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Barb Gordon

Barb Gordon's paintings will adorn her house and the houses of neighbours along Heddington Avenue on Halloween.

Artist’s yearly paintings have created a Halloween tradition

For the 19th straight year, trick-or-treaters will flock to Heddington Avenue to see the latest creation by neighbourhood artist Barbara...

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Central Park

Ten family-friendly things to do in Manhattan

Ten family-friendly things to do in Manhattan

The city that never sleeps. The concrete jungle. Pretty enticing nicknames for young partygoers or adventure seekers looking to get their...

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They're jealous

12 Things you need to know about Scorpios

12 Things you need to know about Scorpios

1. They are fiercely loyal. Though happy to be on their own, when they commit, they commit totally. That totally devoted mate is probably...

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Brendan Pinto

Brendan Pinto will be among the up-and-coming comedians appearing at the Cream of Comedy 2014 showcase on Oct. 27 at The Second City Theatre.

Annex resident and comedian Brendan Pinto performs in Cream of Comedy showcase

When Annex-area resident Brendan Pinto takes the stage at the Cream of Comedy showcase, it will come as a marked difference from his usual...

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Wow | Oct 22, 2014
Delay doing your part in a group project

12 things your co-workers wish you wouldn’t do at work

You may not even realize you're doing it, but whatever it is you're doing, your co-workers wish you would stop.

Brampton Guardian
Wow | Oct 21, 2014
After three years, he looks at you and says,

14 clues that it’s time to break up

If you've gotten to the point where you've asked an advice columnist whether you should break up with your partner, you've...

Brampton Guardian
Canada | Oct 20, 2014

Gerard Parkes, of 'Fraggle Rock' fame, dead

Actor Gerard Parkes, who played Doc on 'Fraggle Rock,' dead at 90

Wow | Oct 20, 2014
You're pumped that butternut squash is a thing again

15 signs you may be too excited for fall

It's officially fall...time for pumpkin spice everything, football, decorative gourds, sweaters, scarves and, of course, dog...

Brampton Guardian | by Jennifer Martin
News | Oct 18, 2014

Walter Woodman’s $300 film garnering attention

Armed with an idea and a shoestring budget of $300, Kensingston Market resident Walter Woodman’s short film, Noah, has...

City Centre Mirror
News | Oct 17, 2014
Ofilio Sinbadinho

Choreographer Ofilio Sinbadinho’s current production loosely based on Greta Garbo

In his work as a dancer and choreographer, award-winning downtown Toronto choreographer Ofilio Sinbadinho knows all about...

City Centre Mirror | by Justin Skinner
Wow | Oct 17, 2014
Ms. Claybelt the Cow

16 great Ontario oddball icons

Vulcan, Alta., has its Starship Enterprise, and St. Paul, Alta., has its UFO Landing Pad, but Ontario is no slouch when it...

Hamilton Mountain News | by Gord Bowes
News | Oct 16, 2014
Jordan Tannahill

Kensington Market resident Jordan Tannahill showcases latest play ‘Concord Floral

At the tender age of 26, Kensington Market resident Jordan Tannahill has already scaled impressive heights in the theatre...

City Centre Mirror | by Justin Skinner

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