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Sunset in Cabbagetown

Nandor Horthy's painting, 'Sunset in Cabbagetown', adorns The City Centre Mirror's front page on Christmas Day.

North Toronto resident Nandor Horthy paints Cabbagetown

From the time North Toronto resident Nandor Horthy first came to Canada more than 50 years ago, he has been a part of the city’s art scene....

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7 healthy twists to your favourite holiday meals

7 healthy twists to your favourite holiday meals

Buttery mashed potatoes, rich gravy and sweet pie -- you can enjoy these holiday staples without the guilt and subsequent urge to take a...

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Here's 10 ridiculous excuses during RIDE spot-checks

Here's 10 ridiculous excuses during RIDE spot-checks

The fear of being caught drinking and driving, together with threats of losing your driver's licence, having a criminal record and...

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Christmas eve Service

Metropolitan Community Church Toronto's Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, centre, celebrates the church's annual Christmas Eve Service and Celebration.

Metropolitan Community Church celebrates 25th Christmas Eve service at Roy Thomson Hall

Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) of Toronto is marking a very special anniversary this holiday season: the 25th anniversary of its...

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WhatsOn | Dec 18, 2014
The Settlers of Catan

7 vintage strategy games from before Catan was settled

As the days grow shorter and weather outside turns nasty, strategy board games like A Game of Thrones and The Settlers of...

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Wow | Dec 18, 2014
Uhhhh, I can explain…

12 pets ready for the holidays

As the rest of us trim the tree and rush to finish that last minute shopping, these holiday-ready pets are all set...

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News | Dec 17, 2014
Toronto Film School fashion design students

Toronto Film School surprises Yellowknife preschoolers with royal outfits

When asked by a preschool class how princess dresses are made, students in the Toronto Film School’s fashion design program...

City Centre Mirror | by Justin Skinner
Wow | Dec 17, 2014
Two tickets to a concert that YOU really want to see.

12 Christmas presents that women hate

1. A $100 gift certificate for a new denim-blue Volkswagen Beetle. That's just mean. 2. A scarf....

Brampton Guardian
WhatsOn | Dec 16, 2014
Cavalcade of Lights 2014

5 facts about Toronto’s official Christmas tree

Toronto’s official Christmas tree is huge. The holiday staple at Nathan Phillips Square stands at more than 15 metres...

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Wow | Dec 16, 2014
Egg nog cookies, egg nog latte, egg nog steak sauce...

15 things we don’t want to see this Christmas

1. The Dreaded Cheese Ball Appetizer Cheddar Cheese and walnuts isn't that appetizing and making it look like a disco...

Brampton Guardian
Wow | Dec 15, 2014
Family Drinking

Top 9 things about Christmas time

Who doesn't want a shortbread cookie at 9am?

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News | Dec 12, 2014
Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche benefits whole city despite downtown focus, says economic development chair

Nuit Blanche is a runaway success that brought $40.5 million into Toronto this year alone. But does that money – $227...

City Centre Mirror | by Mike Adler

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