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David Nickle: THE CITY
Oct 28, 2014 | Add Comment | Parkdale Villager

THE CITY: Mayor-elect John Tory has his work cut out for him

David Nickle

It has been a long wait – a really long wait, for everyone involved. For John Tory, Monday...

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News | Oct 30, 2014

TOinTRANSIT: Metrolinx’s Eglinton Crosstown LRT project up for prestigious transit award

Metrolinx’s Eglinton Crosstown LRT project is in the running for a prestigious transit infrastructure award to be handed out...

Scarborough Mirror | by Rahul Gupta
News | Oct 30, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: Extra (hour), extra (hour), read all about it

We change the clocks back an hour Sunday morning and I can’t wait. I usually sleep through the annual routine, but I’m going...

York Guardian | by Jamie Wayne
Columns | Oct 27, 2014

People who talk and text while driving are selfish and added dermit points may force people to put down their cellphones

In July I wrote about distracted driving and the negative effect to public safety –...

Beach Mirror
News | Oct 24, 2014
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: Kelly showed calm, solid leadership in aftermath of Ottawa shooting

Norm Kelly joined reporters and camera people for what could be his last news conference as de-facto Mayor of Toronto on...

Scarborough Mirror
News | Oct 23, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: See you at the polling station Monday

I’m ready for the election. I mean, really, really, really ready. It seems like the campaign has gone on forever. But I have...

York Guardian | by Jamie Wayne
News | Oct 20, 2014
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: Columnist calls Olivia Chow as best choice for mayor

It is something of a cliché to say a municipal election marks a cross-roads for a city. But the crossroads metaphor doesn’t...

Scarborough Mirror
Oct 16, 2014

THE CITY: To those considering voting early: Think about it

With advance polls open this week, it is tempting for those with strong opinions about the future occupant of the Toronto...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Oct 16, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: Attention shoppers: embarrassing sale in Aisle 1

Oh, rats, I’m out of toilet paper. Man, I hate when that happens. I don’t need any this second, mind you. It’s not an...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Oct 14, 2014

THE CITY: Chow, Ford, Tory and the company they keep

From the grass roots to the forest canopy: it is interesting at this stage in the campaign to see where the major mayoral...

Parkdale Villager | Add Comment | by David Nickle
Oct 09, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: A look inside the next generation of hockey arenas

Famous arena architect: “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the future. Underneath this velvet sheet is a model of our...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Oct 09, 2014

THE CITY: How flexible is Tory’s SmartTrack plan?

John Tory’s plan for surface subway rail has been getting a lot of attention over the past months of the mayoral campaign –...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Oct 06, 2014

THE CITY: Chow and Ford working hard to make up gap in mayoral polls

So how do you do it? Come from behind in a race whose results seem locked in the final stretch? It will be instructive to...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Oct 02, 2014

THE CITY: Imagining what a Doug Ford mayoralty would be like

John Tory is to be the next mayor of Toronto. All the polls point to this as the likely outcome and have for some time. So...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle
Oct 02, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: Smartwatch may have met its match

Lately a lot of people I know have been bragging about all the things their smartwatches can do. It seems like I can’t get...

North York Mirror | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Sep 29, 2014

THE CITY: Toronto voters rejecting city’s old-style progressive politics

Ask any politician what they think about their standing in the last poll means and you’ll get a variation on the same...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Sep 25, 2014

THE CITY: Fringe candidates for mayor have to battle to bring issues forward

We are a free country — or at least, a free enough country to allow anyone with citizenship, some cash and a birth...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle

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