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Edges of Toronto
Mike Adler writes about how people see life in Toronto differently, depending on where they live.
Feb 17, 2017 | Add Comment | Scarborough Mirror

EDGES OF TORONTO: Exploited as youth, now helping fellow Tamils

Mike Adler

When Pragosh Antonipillai was young, he and his cousins worked well over 40 hours a week at Tim...

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Editorial | Feb 16, 2017

EDITORIAL: Rotary hockey drive for First Nations kids is a story worth sharing

Stories of crime, tragedy and hate often dominate the headlines and while it’s our job to accurately report on these events,...

Etobicoke Guardian
Columns | Feb 15, 2017
Tips for taking a tow

ON THE ROAD: Tips to consider when you need roadside assistance

In my last column, I offered some advice regarding traffic accidents and in particular, how to keep an otherwise stressful...

York Guardian | by Fergie Reynolds
Columns | Feb 14, 2017
TO in Transit

TOinTransit: Don't believe the budget hype

It's budget time in Toronto when funding announcements come fast along with loose spending commitments. But will all the...

York Guardian | by Rahul Gupta
Columns | Feb 10, 2017
Edges of Toronto

EDGES OF TORONTO: Are faith groups being squeezed out of Toronto?

When Toronto City Hall’s rotunda filled up last week with the supporters of a Scarborough mosque, people who were watching...

Scarborough Mirror | by Mike Adler
Editorial | Feb 09, 2017

EDITORIAL: Black History Month offers window into Canada's past

Toronto was the first municipality in Canada to proclaim February as Black History Month; a month dedicated to commemorating...

City Centre Mirror
Columns | Feb 07, 2017
TO in Transit

TOinTransit: TTC union strife masks bigger challenges

Amalgamated Transit Union 113 is in the midst of a power struggle dividing the membership and leaving the fate of the TTC's...

York Guardian | by Rahul Gupta
Columns | Feb 03, 2017
The City

Mayor Tory needs to be crystal clear when distancing himself from alt-right

Mayor John Tory made it a challenge for reporters to ask about his relationship with his former campaign strategist Nick...

Beach Mirror | by David Nickle
Columns | Feb 03, 2017
Edges of Toronto

EDGES OF TORONTO: An alternative reality beckons at Bathurst and Wilson

I’ve always believed reality is bad enough. It’s bad enough Oswald shot Kennedy and terrorists drove airplanes into the...

North York Mirror | by Mike Adler

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