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Travel trends for 2015
'Travel Talk with Jimmy' blog tops the list of blogs for February 2015 with his travel trends for 2015.
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7 top blogs for February at

It might be because Torontonians are sick of winter that February’s most-read blog was about...

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News | 2 hours ago

Tickets now available for the Vimy Foundation Dinner April 27

You are invite to the 2015 Vimy Foundation Dinner in order to help fund the building of a state-of-the-art Education Centre...

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Education | 2 hours ago

Provincial government grant to get parents involved in children’s education

The provincial government is encouraging parents to get involved in their children’s education through the Parents Reaching...

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News | Mar 03, 2015
Palmerston JR PS CPR

Toronto EMS staff visit Palmerston school to teach CPR

While most schools focus on the “three Rs” of reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, Palmerston Avenue Junior Public School is...

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News | Feb 26, 2015 offers information to kids about the world around them

Listen to a tiger growl, read about black holes and learn about your body in DK Books new online resource for children....

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News | Feb 26, 2015
Don't Leave The Car Running

5 tips to avoid winter car theft

With cold mornings, it’s tempting to leave your car running for a while to heat up before you start your commute. But police...

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Education | Feb 24, 2015

Catholic board trustees consider two options to tackle $16.9 million deficit

No decisions were made at the special meeting to discuss the deficit budget the Toronto Catholic District School Board is...

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News | Feb 22, 2015
7 ways to help Toronto's wildlife

7 ways to help Toronto’s wildlife

1. KICK IT TO THE CURB Rinse out your recycling. Bottles, cans, jars and containers with food residue are tempting for...

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News | Feb 20, 2015
Rose Ave. Jr PS

Derelict space in St. James Town will finally get a makeover

A new partnership between the MLSE Foundation and Sentry Investments is bringing a bevy of play opportunities to children...

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