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14 foods you must try before you die from booking.com, My First French Bakery cookbook and new flavours from Tyrrell's chips

Compiled by Lisa Day

Booking.com has rounded up the Top 14 must-try dishes celebrating some of the world’s favourite foods.


Dish: Oysters and Caesars
Canada is surrounded by three oceans, making it a natural hub for delicious seafood. Reigning supreme are the famous Malpeque oysters with their world-renowned reputation for supreme quality and great taste. And what goes best with oysters and seafood? A Caesar of course. This Canadian cocktail, consisting of vodka, clam nectar, lime Worcestershire sauce and celery salt is a favourite amongst Canadians.  
Where to stay?
Around the Sea, Rotating House. Ever fallen asleep overlooking the ocean and woken up to the sunrise coming up over the hills? Well that’s exactly what you’ll experience at The Around the Sea Rotating House in North Rustico, Prince Edwards Island, around 23 kilometres from the Charlottetown Airport.

United States of America

Dish: Lobster Roll
A well-known summer favourite, lobster rolls packed with tender, prized lobster are most talked about and best experienced at restaurants by the shoreline. Variations exist between states: those in Maine enjoy theirs chilled with mayonnaise, whilst on a trip to Connecticut you’d most likely indulge in warm lobster drizzled with butter. Nonetheless, the lobster roll is a must-try wherever you are in the U.S.
Where to stay?
One of the top-rated lobster rolls resides in the heart of NYC: Refinery Hotel, NYC, offers a pop-up lobster shack during the peak season, which looks exactly like a seaside shanty.

Dish: Moqueca
Moqueca (pronounced moo-KEH-ka) is one of the dishes that perhaps best represents Brazilian cuisine. Originally from India, it’s a baked fish with vegetables, with the recipe varying according to each region. In Bahia, Moqueca has African flavours; coconut milk, pepper, palm oil and cilantro, while in Espírito Santos, the Portuguese and Spanish brought onion, tomato and pepper to the dish. Each variant is delicious. Also try Farofa as an accompaniment, an amazing fried cassava flour that includes egg, bacon, and other yummy ingredients.
Where to stay?
With a splendid view of the beach, the Apart Hotel Ocean View is a great option for those wanting to enjoy Moqueca under sun and close to the glorious sea. 

United Kingdom

Dish: Chicken Tikka Masala
Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Chicken Tikka Masala is now regarded as a British national treasure. Many variations can be found on the curry mile on Brick Lane, London, where the streets are lined with curry houses and touts trying to lure you into their restaurants. Famous residents of the area also include top artists Tracey Emin and Gilbert and George.
Where to stay?
The Ace Hotel, London is located in the heart of Shoreditch, just a short walk away from the curry mile on Brick Lane.

The Netherlands
Dish: Bitterballen
Bitterballen are a Dutch signature that truly represent ‘gezelligheid’, a lovely Dutch word meaning cozy, social and fun all at once. No party goes without them and it is hard to find a bar in The Netherlands that doesn’t serve them. For the real Dutch experience you can even take a bitterballen tour around Amsterdam!
Where to stay?
The best homemade bitterballen can be found in the Amstel Hotel bar, or for the most original take on bitterballen go to the Park Hotel in Amsterdam. To be closest to the authentic Amsterdam cafes serving bitterballen in the Jordaan area, head to the Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartments.

Dish: Soupe aux truffles
Truffle soup was created by Michelin-starred Chef Paul Bocuse in 1975 for the French president and is still served in his restaurant in Lyon. The soup is in fact two of Bocuse’s favourite recipes merged into one – foie gras and truffles covered in puff pastry plus vegetable soup. Delicious.
Where to stay?
The Okko Hotel, Lyon, overlooks the banks of the river Rhône, is situated in the fashionable Sixth District and benefits from direct access to various transport options to explore the area around Bocuse’s restaurant.

Dish: Currywurst
A much loved ‘fast food’ in Germany, Currywurst involves steaming pork sausage before frying and seasoning with a curry ketchup. This traditional dish is thought to have originated in Berlin when local cook Herta Heuwer obtained ketchup and curry powder from British soldiers in Germany to make the unique sauce. Curry Deutschland, the first Currywurst restaurant in Germany, offers creative twists on this classic dish, including Currywurst with Satay-Sauce.
Where to stay?
For easy access to Curry Deutschland, Moltkestrasse, and a delightfully historic experience, stay at the Derag Livinghotel De Medici, a luxurious hotel situated in the heart of Düsseldorf, between the Rhine promenade and the lively Old Town district.

Dish: Salsicce e friarielli  
This Italian must-try dish consists of sausages and vegetables such as broccoli sauteed in oil, garlic and red pepper. One of the most typical dishes of Neapolitan cuisine, this comforting food is perfect to revive after a day of exploration.
Where to stay?
Discover the best “salsicce e friarielli” in Naples and its surroundings, staying at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio. In addition to its prime location in the city centre, across from Castel dell’Ovo in the historic quarter of Santa Lucia, it has a top-floor restaurant with a dramatic view of the Gulf of Naples, Capri Island and Vesuvio.

Dish: ‘Old Clothes’
Renowned Spanish chefs are constantly reinterpreting traditional dishes, with one of the most famous being Pepe Rodriguez, owner of El Bohío restaurant and past participant in Master Chef Spain. The most prestigious of his great dishes is the triumphant ‘Old clothes with stew broth’, a hymn to traditional flavours. His restaurant is in Illescas, close to Toledo, declared a UNESCO World Heritage City. A visit there combines high innovation (deconstructed cuisine) and tradition (popular dishes and historic city) for a mouth-watering experience.
Where to stay?
The Parador de Toldedo  hotel is housed in an impressive old building and boasts magnificent views of the city thanks to its stunning location.

Dish: Pelmeni
These succulent parcels of delight, made with different kinds of meat, consist of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough to form dumplings. They should be enjoyed at Café Pushkin, which opened in a beautiful Baroque mansion on Tverskoy Boulevard in the Russian capital.
Where to stay?
For a top-notch Moscow experience and within easy reach of Café Pushkin then head to the National Hotel or the Metropol.


Dish: Biang Biang Noodle
Biang biang noodles are touted as one of the ‘10 strange wonders of Shaanxi Province’ and are often described as being ‘like a belt’ owing to their thickness and length. These tasty noodles are light, chewy, sour and spicy, often served dry, with toppings of chili and pork belly. Even their name is remarkable. Most Chinese struggle to write the 57-stroke character for ‘Biang’ while this onomatopoeic name refers to the sound the chef makes when he pulls the dough into noodles and literally bangs them against the table.
Where to stay?
Both the Hantang Inn Hostel  or Xi’an See Tang Hostel are within easy reach of the restaurant First Noodle under the Sun, highly recommended to experience Biang biang noodles at their best.

Dish: Dim Sims
Steamed or Fried? Chicken, pork, duck or vegetarian? Dim sims are a globally enjoyed treat – but did you know that the beloved dim sim was invented in Melbourne during the 1940s?
For the nation’s best dim sims, seekers of deliciousness need look no further than South Melbourne Market Dim Sims. Originally a humble take-away storefront, these dim sims now enjoy a cult following of Melbourne devotees.
Where to stay?
Situated on the Yarra River, the Hilton Melbourne South Wharf boasts luxurious rooms and beautiful views of Melbourne and the surrounding bays. Within walking distance of the South Melbourne Markets and other popular destinations including Crown Casino, this is a popular choice for visitors to the city.

New Zealand
Dish: Kaikoura Crayfish
The Maori word ‘Kaikoura’ perfectly describes the beautiful South Island coastal town: ‘kai’ meaning food and ‘koura’ meaning crayfish. A freshly caught and cooked crayfish is an absolute must try when visiting New Zealand. Enjoy fresh at the various seafood shacks dotted along the roadside whilst taking in views of the snow-capped mountains meeting the Pacific Ocean.  
Where to stay?
Nestled near the foot of the Kaikoura Ranges, Manakau Lodge is a luxurious place to retreat to after indulging in Kaikoura crayfish. Guests rave about the stunning views and friendly owners, and on cold evenings you can relax in front of the real wood fire.

Dish: Temari Sushi
Temari sushi is a cute style of sushi originally developed for Kyoto’s Geisha, and perfectly styled for those sophisticated women. Regular sushi can be found everywhere in the world these days, but it is hard to find this dainty variety in other countries. So you should try and enjoy them in Japan!  
Where to stay?
The Westin Miyako Kyoto has a stunning Japanese style tea room and a traditional garden.  It’s also in a great location and offers fast and easy access to popular local restaurants.

German Wine Queen in Toronto
German Wine Queen Josefine Schlumberger was in Toronto on weekend at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The German Wine Queen title is a hotly contested national competition that pits regional wine queens against each other to determine who will best represent a German wine sector that is growing and rich in heritage. Participants must demonstrate clear and strong ties with German wines either through their own knowledge, training or ties to local wine production.

A member of an active wine-making family in Baden, Schlumberger, 21, is studying winemaking at the University of Geisenheim.
Canada is the first overseas country Schlumberger has been too with the goal of travelling to more than a dozen countries in 12 months educating wine lovers on the merits of its wines.

Germany is the tenth-largest exporter of wines to Canada with about 490,000 cases sold in 2014. The country is the largest producer of Riesling with 60 per cent of total Riesling production worldwide. It enjoys a growing presence in red wine as well thanks to Pinot Noir and increasingly popular wines from the regions of Baden and Ahr.

Humber College’s cook-off
As part of their ongoing partnership, Nestlé Professional MINOR’s and Humber College challenged students to create innovative food truck recipes that included at least one Nestlé Professional MINOR’S Base and one MINOR’S Flavour Concentrate.
Humber’s Top three culinary and top three baking students who participated in the on-campus cook-off demonstrated that food truck dishes can be so much more than just an average taco. David Lam and Tina Pistarelli won first place with their innovative Braised Pork Belly and Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream Sandwich recipes.
The up-and-coming chefs were judged by a professional panel of industry experts.

Culinary winners:
1st place - $1,000  - David Lam, Braised Pork Belly (Toronto)
2nd place - $750 - Omkar Atre, Chicken Tikka Roti (India)
3rd place - $500 –Maria Feliz, Lobster Corn Dog (Toronto)

Baking Winners:
1st place - $1,000 – Tina Pistarelli - Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream Sandwich (Vaughan)
2nd place - $750 – Ruby Nguyen - Korean Fried Chicken Burger (Korea)
3rd place - $500 – (Gina) Gajin Lee, Oriental Prawn Ravioli

Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream Sandwich
Ice Cream Base
250 ml 35 per cent cream
50 ml milk
45 g sugar
1 vanilla bean
10 egg yolks
155 g sugar
10g to 20g (to taste) MINOR’S Chicken Base
In a large pot, bring the cream, milk, sugar and vanilla bean to a boil.
In a separate bowl whisk together egg yolks and sugar until fully incorporated and pale yellow in colour.
Pour the egg mixture into the boiling milk (tempering) slowly and at a constant pace while continuing to whisk.
Strain the mixture and place in the refrigerator to cool.
Remove Ice Cream Base from refrigerator and whisk in the MINOR’S Chicken Base. *NOTE: This is a personal preference on the taste level*
Pour ice cream base into machine and set time for eight to 10 minutes.
Remove and place straight into the freezer to firm up *NOTE: Should be soft yet hold shape when removed from the machine*
Maple Syrup Caramel
250 ml maple syrup
125 ml 35 per cent cream
15 g butter
Pour maple syrup into large pot and bring to boil. *NOTE: Temp. should read 120 C/250 F*
Remove from heat and add cream.
Place back on heat and bring back up to a boil and cook until smooth. *NOTE: Stirring to make sure it doesn’t stick on the bottom*
Remove from heat and add butter; still until melted.
Transfer to a bowl, place in refrigerator and let cool completely before using.

Waffle Batter
113 g pastry flour
1 g salt
8g baking powder
28 g egg yolks
170 ml milk
58 g butter, melted
20 g MINOR’S Herb de Provence Flavour Concentrate
43 g egg whites
15 g sugar
Sift dry ingredients together into a bowl.
Whisk together egg yolks, milk, butter and MINOR’S Herb de Provence Flavour Concentrate
Add the liquid mixture to the dry ingredients and whisk until just combined. *NOTE: Do Not Overmix!*
Heat waffle iron
Whip egg whites until soft peaks form and add sugar. Continue to bear until stiff
Fold into batter
Scoop 4oz of batter onto waffle iron and cook waffles to desired colour *NOTE: Should be golden brown in colour*
Place waffles on a rack and allow to cool and prevent from becoming soggy until needed.
Assembling the Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich
Remove the MINOR’S Chicken Base Ice Cream from the freezer and allow to soften for five to 10 minutes
Remove Maple Syrup Caramel from fridge and stir to soften
*NOTE: Warm up in microwave*
Remove MINOR’S Herbs de Provence Flavour Concentrate waffles from cooling racks and place on dish, cut the waffles into quarters
Place 2 teaspoons of caramel on the waffle, scoop some ice cream onto the waffle and then another 2 teaspoons of caramel onto the ice cream and top with another waffle
Press sandwich together sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with a small bowl of caramel on the side

Oceans Wise app
Celebrating its 10th year, Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program has launched a new phone app that makes it even easier for consumers to make ocean-friendly choices.

At the touch of their fingers, users can check which seafood options are Ocean Wise recommended and readily access a database of more than 3,000 Ocean Wise partner locations, including restaurants, markets and suppliers. The enhanced interface, featuring an interactive map, helps consumers find the nearest partner location for an ocean-friendly meal or to select sustainable seafood for the home cook.

“We know that consumers want an easy-to-use sustainable seafood tool that they can depend on,” said Ann-Marie Copping, Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise program manager in a release “From coast to coast, Canadians may download the new Ocean Wise app now for a simple, convenient tool that guides sustainable choices to protect the health of our oceans for generations to come.”

The Ocean Wise app is now available for download via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Mezzo Mezzo Board
Create your own mezzo mezzo board with Desiree Sardo from Sardo Foods.
“A mezzo mezzo board is the perfect blend of simplicity, delicacy and sophistication,” said Desiree Sardo from Sardo Foods. “Meaning half and half, mezzo mezzo boards are part meat and crackers, part antipasto and pickled vegetables. Presenting bold flavours and mouth-watering combinations at your disposal, you can satisfy every palate in the room,” said Sardo in a release. “The presentation of the board when you are entertaining is important, but it also quite easy. When you have the right products on hand, you don’t even have to try hard to be creative.”

According to a release, one of the attractions of the mezzo mezzo board is that there are no hard and fast rules for putting together your own.

But with some thought about the flavours you are assembling, you can make your mezzo mezzo board more than just a snack – it can be a conversation piece at any social gathering, Sardo.
• Start with the meats. Cured meats are central to the mezzo mezzo board. With an eye toward the complementing items on the board, Sardo recommends a pesto, tapenade or bruschetta as a starting point.
• Add your antipasto. Grilled peppers and mushrooms, artichoke hearts, stuffed jalapenos, bocconcini…  the options for antipasto to pair with your meats is near endless.
• You absolutely need olives. Adding green or black olives not only bring some colour to the presentation of your mezzo mezzo board, they also taste great and add variety to the offerings. Consider olives stuffed with garlic or spicy piri piri peppers for a little extra kick.
• Provide a variety of breads. Crackers, crostinis, pita chips, breadsticks – each adds a little diversity to the board, may serve as a vehicle for the other pieces on the board and are essential for the....
• Dips, dips, dips. For your mezzo mezzo board, you want more than a salsa or ranch dip. A tapenade pesto is a delicious option, or a bruschetta mix that can go atop your crostini.

“It is almost impossible to put these pieces together on a bread board and not have it look good. They all display really nice, and if you present something that looks good people will want to try it. The more senses you can engage, the better the experience. If it looks good and smells good, chances are it will taste good.”

Editor’s Note: I received a sample of Sardo Foods L’Il Oliver snacking olives. Not an olive fan, I sent them to the olive taster - my seven year old - who loves the green ones (not the black). I like them because they are great little snack for his lunch. Each box contains six indiviual packages of blac or green pitted olives (and stickers) without any juice - so no mess when he opens the top. The olives have no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours and are 20 caories with less than 3 grams of fat.

Treats for Toys

Help Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and The Salvation Army provide toys to kids this Christmas.

According to a press release, the campaign inspires Canadians to create toy-shaped treats and upload a photo of their creations to TreatsForToys.ca. For every photo uploaded before Dec. 21, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies will donate $20 to The Salvation Army for the purchase of a toy for a child in need.

In the first two years of the campaign, Canadians helped Kellogg’s Rice Krispies raise $70,000 for The Salvation Army to buy toys for children in need.

Here’s how you can do it:

Choose your favourite variety of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal to use as the base.
Create your toy-shaped treat using the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies recipes available on treatsfortoys.ca or design your own!
Share: Take a picture of your treat and upload the photo to treatsfortoys.ca. You can also share your work of art on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #TreatsForToys.

Seven natural health claims Canadians understand
The beginning of the month was Natural Health Products Week, an annual celebration of the health millions of Canadians receive from natural health products (NHPs).

This year, the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) commissioned a national survey on popular natural health claims to see if Canadians can distinguish fact from fiction. They asked 1,500 Canadians from coast to coast 15 true-or-false questions to test their knowledge, with surprising results!

Here’s are 10 natural health claims that Canadians understand.
• Most Canadians get enough fibre: False
More than 90 per cent of Canadians know we are simply not getting enough fibre in our diets. A Western diet full of processed foods means whole foods are sadly lacking, and fibre intake falls far short of the recommended 25 grams a day for women and 30 to 38 grams a day for men.
Fibre comes in two major forms: soluble and insoluble, and both are necessary for optimal health. It can make you feel fuller for longer, helping to maintain a steady weight and it’s also great for feeding and supporting good gut bacteria.

• Honey has antibacterial properties: True
Our survey found that 84 per cent of Canadians knew honey has antibacterial properties. Researchers at the University of Guelph found that unpasteurized honey can be as effective as some medical creams and ointments at healing tissue and killing infecting agents.
Skin care is another interesting use for honey. Its nutrients and natural antibacterial enzymes can help to gently clean dirt and bacteria from our skin. Check out chfa.ca for a DIY honey face mask that is easy to make at home.

• Calcium is only important for strong bones and teeth: False
Ninety-nine per cent of the calcium in our body is stored in our bones, but the other one per cent plays an extremely important role in overall health. Canadians are keen to this fact, with over 75 per cent reporting an understanding that calcium’s importance goes beyond our bones and teeth. Calcium plays a critical role in regulating blood pressure, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood clotting, ensuring a balanced body pH and also works to aid thousands of enzyme and hormone reactions.
According to a Health Canada, calcium the single most inadequately consumed mineral among Canadians of all ages.

• Probiotics have been linked to immunity: True
We have an estimated 100 trillion bacterial cells living in and on our bodies, outnumbering our human cells 10 to one. In recent years, Canadians have begun to appreciate and understand the vital role that they play in our overall health. About 70 per cent of survey respondents understand the link between probiotics and immunity. This link goes far beyond the gut, as probiotics are finding new applications in mental health, immune system support, and skin health.  
Probiotics have been shown to play an important role in “priming” our immune system to track and eliminate invading winter bugs. A recent study of school children found that kids who were given a probiotic drink were significantly less likely to get the flu than their classmates who did not receive the probiotic.

• Tea can help us stay hydrated during the dry months: True
It is common knowledge that caffeine is a diuretic, but a cup of tea (even with some caffeine) can have an overall hydrating effect. Only 65 per cent of the 1,500 Canadians who answered our survey said they knew that tea can keep Canadians hydrated throughout the winter. Some studies have even found no difference in hydration between subjects who drank tea compared with those who drank water.  
This ancient beverage can do far more than just hydrate. Some teas contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties from the bioactive plant compounds they contain called polyphenols.

• Eating organic foods significantly reduces exposure to pesticides: True
The media is full of mixed messages about the benefits of choosing certified organic foods. The good news is the majority of Canadians are not, with 60 per cent answering correctly when asked about organics and pesticide exposure.
Certified organic products are produced and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, hormones or antibiotics. By following a simple guide, “the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15,” developed by the Environmental Working Group, you can minimize your consumption of pesticides by as much as 80 per cent, leading to cleaner diet for you whole family.
In Canada, organic products can be identified by the Canada Organic logo. Organic produce often carries a “9” before the four-digit product number on produce stickers. Being informed about organic products can lead to real benefits for you and our environment.

• National Health Products must be supported by proper evidence before they are licensed for sale in Canada: True
Three out of five respondents understood that NHPs produced and sold in Canada are highly regulated to ensure safety and quality. Before ending up in the hands of consumers, these products are assessed and licensed by Health Canada. The licence can only be obtained if companies provide evidence that supports the products’ health claims. In Canada, NHPs include vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbal products and homeopathic remedies.
NHPs manufactured outside of Canada must be evaluated and licensed by Health Canada before they can be sold in the Canadian market. All products licensed for sale in Canada have an 8-digit Natural Product Number (NPN) or Drug Identification Number-Homeopathic Medicine (DIN-HM).
Visit chfa.ca

Hyleys wellness tea

Hyleys wellness tea are coming to Canada.
According to a release, Hyleys Slim Teas are 100 per cent natural green teas made with Senna leaves and fruit flavouring that promote body cleansing, detoxification and a healthy digestive system.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Hyleys Slim Teas are available in flavorful options like Acai Berry, Blueberry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate and Raspberry as well as a Five-Flavour
Cost, $5.99 for one pack of 25 foil envelope tea bags.

Also new to their collection are Hyleys Sleep Teas designed to naturally help individuals fall asleep easier. Hyleys caffeine-free herbal formulation acts fast but gently, encouraging healthy sleep patterns while promoting a refreshed awakening.
Packed with all natural ingredients such as chamomile flowers, Valerian root, rosemary leaves, lavender blossoms, peppermint leaves, and lemon balm leaves, Sleep Teas come in both Mint and Chamomile variations to promote a natural and healthy sleep cycle.
Cost $5.99 for one pack of 25 foil envelope tea bags.

Hyleys is available at Loblaws. Visit www.hyleysteaonline.com

Editor’s Note:
I got to try each of the Hyleys wellness teas. While I have discovered I do not like chamoile, I did enjoy the mint flavour, which was light, but refreshing. I have tried the Acai Berry and Goji Berry varieties and I found them empty of taste. The taste of my water came through more than the flavour of the tea. I plan to steep the Pomegrante and Raspberry tea longer before I drink it.

Tyrrell's has added another three varieties to its hand-cooked in small batch chips.
Made with Herefordshire potatoes, the new variety of British imports include:
- Beetroot, Parsnip & Potato with Sea Salt
- Sweet Potato, Carrot & Potato with Sea Salt
- Sweet Potato with Smoked Chili

These chips join the other varieties including:
Lightly Sea Salted
Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar
Mature Cheddar & Chives
Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper
Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper
Sunday Best Roast Chicken
Worcestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato
Smoked Paprika
English Barbecue
Lobster, Chilli & Garlic
Red, white & blue
Visit https://www.tyrrellscrisps.co.uk
Editor's Note: Tyrell's was kind and delivered me a bag of each of these chips. I am going to stop saying chips are not my favourite snack because when it comes to Tyrrell's I seem to have no problem polishing off a bag of Sweet Potato, Carrot & Potato with Sea Salt and wish I had more. I think I liked the potato chip best, followed by the carrot. The Sweet Potato with Smoked Chili was too spicy for me and the Beetroot, Parsnip & Potato with Sea Salt was OK. My coworkers seemed to enjoy the Beetroot, Parsnip & Potato with Sea Salt best as well.

Gay Lea Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese
Gay Lea Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese was recently chosen out of hundreds of products as the one of the Top 10 innovations at Grocery Innovation Canada 2015.

The first of it’s kind, Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese creates a new snack and dessert category for Canadians.
Made with local Canadian dairy, Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese is available in two flavours – Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel. Each snack cup contains 10 grams of protein and 110 calories. Each snack pack offers 15 per cent of your daily intake of calcium and is gluten free.

According to a release, “by smoothing out the lumpy texture, this new innovation is like nothing you’ve tried before.”
The release said it can be eaten on its own or included into a smoothie.

Persimon Persimmon
Persimon persimmons are now available at grocery stores.
Persimon persimmons are grown in the Ribera del Xúquer region of Spain. According to a press release, this brand of the fruit is always ripe and ready-to-eat:
- You can eat Persimon persimmons like an apple with or without the skin or remove the top and slice into wedges.
- A Persimon persimmons from Ribera del Xúquer will be firm to the touch, and ready to eat. Not astringent like other varieties of persimmons, its taste is reminiscent of a peach. It’s also larger and longer than other persimmon varieties.

Siempre Tequila
A new premium tequila has hit the Canadian market thanks to Toronto millennial duo Alex Lacroix and Monica Sanita. 

When Alex Lacroix and Monica Sanita decided to leave their advertising jobs at top agencies in order to create a tequila, they knew it would have to be the most authentic, incredible-tasting tequila on the market. Their thirst for adventure, tequila and freedom from their ‘Mad Men’ careers led them to Jalisco to find the perfect ‘Destilador’ for the perfect tequila. Their extensive search led to the development of new premium spirit, Siempre Tequila, made from 100 per cent Blue Weber Agave.

“Siempre means ‘always’, and we’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” said Alex Lacroix, co-founder of Siempre in a release. “There’s also family connection as Monica’s grandmother and great grandmother used to make Mezcal in Guerrero, Mexico. We’ve always loved tequila, but couldn’t stand the bad reputation it had, so we set out to show the world how amazing it really is.”

From the small historic town of Tequila, Mexico, which the spirit actually­­ hails its name from, Siempre is produced in the Destiladora del Valle de Tequila. The distillery is in the Lowland region known as ‘The Valley’, however, 50 per cent of the Agave’s piñas (plant’s succulent core) are harvested in Arandas (a Highland region, called ‘Los Altos’). The combination of both regions makes up Siempre’s full peppery/savoury flavours from the Lowland area and the sweet floral piñas of the Highlands.
Siempre’s Master Distiller is Agustin Sánchez Rodríguez, who has worked in many legendary tequila houses.

My First French Bakery

Barbara Beery
Mon Petit Macarons, Crème Brulee, Perfect Petit Fours, J’adore Crepes...mais oui. Barbara Beery, the author of the bestselling The Pink Princess Cookbook and The Snow Princess Cookbook, takes her culinary craft to Paris and invites every young chef to explore their first French bakery!
Sections with beautifully photographed recipes include Le Patisserie (baked goods), Le DejeunerCafe (sandwiches and savory dishes), Le Dessert Cafe and so much more.
Editor’s Note: This is a beautiful little cookbook - beautiful photos and recipes that look easy to make. My first attempt will by France’s famous My Little Macarons.

The All-Natural Diabetes
Jackie Newgent
Author Jackie Newgent puts the spotlight on fresh, natural foods and diabetes-friendly cooking methods – for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. The result is a collection of palate-pleasing meals and snacks – ranging from classic comfort foods to more exotic fare – that are packed with great taste and nutrients rather than preservatives and processed ingredients, and each is optimized for those with diabetes and to promote heart health. Readers will discover more than 150 natural including Romaine Peppercorn Steak Salad; Jamaican Pork Tenderloin Roast; and Peppermint Brownies.

What Do I Eat Now? A Step-by-Step Guide to Eating Right with Type 2 Diabetes
Tami A. Ross and Patti B. Geil
Ask any person with diabetes or health care professional and they will tell you that this is the first question that comes to mind after a diabetes diagnosis. But the problem is where they can find the answers they need.
The American Diabetes Association and authors Tami A. Ross and Patti B. Geil have provided the solution with their essential step-by-step guide to nutrition survival skills and starter behavior changes that will help readers eat healthy and live well.
- Make smart decisions about breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time
- Demystify nutrition information, getting readers the information they need quickly and accurately
- Create a long-term plan for success by analyzing when and how readers eat and adapting their plans accordingly
- Set goals and create action plans for specific goals
The book also offers tips, tactics, sample menus and sample recipes.

Learn about Syrian culture and food while helping resettling Syrian refugees during a Supper with Syria fundriaser from 4 to 9 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 29 at Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St.
As part of the event, Syrian chefs will prepare traditional Syrian dishes while their Canadian counterparts will create complimentary ones.
According to organizers, people will get to move from station to station sampling the dishes. There will also be Syrian music and a silent auction of Syrian artifacts and jewelry.
Tickets for Supper with Syria are $75 each. For more information visit supperwithsyria.org or email info@supperwithsyria.org

Lisa Day is a copy editor for insidetoronto.com and compiles three blogs, including this one - Book Time, Food News and Recipes. She loves to read and talk about books.

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