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ENTERTAINMENT - Scene and Heard’s Christmas movie wish list includes Les Mis, The Hobbit and Django Unchained

For me, the holiday season has become synonymous with movies and new releases. The days are dark, the temperature is frigid and there is nothing I love more than checking movies off my “must watch list” that’s been accumulating over the months.

This year, all I want for Christmas is snow, hot chocolate and quality time spent at the theatre with my Top 3 movie picks.
The first movie on my wish list is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

I know some people have already purchased their tickets and, while I haven’t made any viewing plans of my own yet, I’m still excited to see this like all the hardcore fans are.

This time around I’m actually looking forward to watching this J.R.R Tolkien tale rather than the time I went through my Viggo Mortensen phase and skipped through The Lord of The Rings solely for his scenes.

All your favourite actors such as Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchett and Sir Ian McKellen are back to reprise their roles, but this film isn’t without newcomers.

Martin Freeman, who people will recognize from Love Actually, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the BBC’s The Office, has dethroned Frodo as lead hobbit and will play the central role of the young Bilbo Baggins.

The first instalment of The Hobbit is expected to make a sizeable box office deposit, putting it in direct competition with the other big movies of 2012 like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Whatever it rakes in, The Hobbit  has definitely made its way onto my nice list.

Les Misérables is quickly inching its way to the top of my “must watch” list.

Growing up with a mother who loved Les Mis, I’m quite familiar with the music, but not so much with the story line. I know there are some Les Mis purists who will scoff at the movie and claim the Broadway production is better, but I’m actually really eager to see this film adaptation.

This version boasts a roster of talented names like Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried and Russell Crowe. It was rumoured that Taylor Swift was beings considered for Éponine, but fortunately for viewers the role went to relatively unknown actress Samantha Barks - casting disaster averted.

As the ill-fated Fantine, Anne Hathaway threw herself into her role and bravely went the route of Demi Moore and Natalie Portman and hacked her hair off on-screen. Anne’s commitment to the authenticity of the story and  her craft is admirable, and if The Academy takes notice, so be it. Bravo, Anne. Bravo.

Joining Les Misérables’ Christmas Day release is Django Unchained. Django Unchained has quite the testosterone-filled cast, which is not unusual for writer and director, Quentin Tarantino.

In his latest film following Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino invites Christoph Waltz back to the play a bounty hunter working in the Mississippi. It was back in 2010 that Waltz took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his chilling portrayal as SS Officer, Col. Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds.

It looks like Tarantino has found a muse in Waltz- better watch out, Uma! Jamie Foxx plays the titular character, Django, and with the aid of Waltz’s character, he’s turned free and sets out to rescue his enslaved wife from the evil plantation owner, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s been confirmed that the film runs close to three hours, so plan accordingly. Snacks are a must, but it may be wise to forego any beverages immediately before and during the screening.

Whatever your plans this holiday season, make time to see one of the many movies showing, and if none of my choices suit your fancy, the prequel to Monsters, Inc., Monsters University is also a solid choice.

Wendy May is a self-professed movie fanatic and reader of salacious celebrity gossip whenever she can squeeze it into her day. This usually entails standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in waiting rooms and, of course, perusing her favourite entertainment sites at the end of the day. When she isn’t indulging in her daily entertainment fix, Wendy works as a communications professional in Toronto.

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