ENTERTAINMENT - Make some glycerine soap surprises...
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Nov 21, 2012  |  Vote 0    0

ENTERTAINMENT - Make some glycerine soap surprises with Homespun Haven

Making your own soap creations is easier than you might think. Set aside an afternoon to whip up a batch of adorable soaps. Perfect for gifts, party favours and bath time fun.

Supplies and materials:
clear glycerine meltable soap (available at craft stores)
small plastic animals, plastic foliage
essential oils
fine glitter
soap molds/muffin tins
popsicle sticks
oven mitts
microwave safe bowl
small paring knife

1) Place the plastic animals/foliage of your choice into the soap molds/muffin tin cups face down. If you are adding glitter, sprinkle a bit into the bottom of the molds/cups.
2) Use a knife to cut the soap into chunks and place in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave the bowl of soap in 40-second intervals until almost fully melted. Stir gently until all the soap is melted completely. If you would like to make several batches of different scents, only melt as much soap as you need for one batch at a time.
3) Add a few drops of essential oil to the bowl and stir gently to combine.  
4) Using oven mitts, pour the soap slowly and evenly into each cup. If you need to reposition the animal/foliage, use a popsicle stick to achieve your desired tableaux.
5) Let the soaps set for at least 30 minutes, maybe longer depending on how thick your molds are.  
6) Using a small paring knife, gently loosen around the edge of the molds. Using the blade of the knife for leverage, gently pop the soap out of the mold.  
7) Jump in the bath with your new soap and scrub-a-dub-dub!   

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Jennifer Peters has loved messing around with arts and crafts since she was a little girl. In 2003, she graduated from York University with a bachelor on fine arts. Jennifer loves baking, cake decorating, miniature making and photography. She has a dream of one day becoming one of Martha Stewart’s craft team experts. Visit her at www.jennywren.ca and jenny-sugarnspice.blogspot.com

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