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David Nickle: THE CITY
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THE CITY: Councillors need to get real about costs of Scarborough subway extension and how to pay for them

David Nickle

Realistically, there is not a circumstance in which a majority of councillors would take another...

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News | Apr 24, 2015

BUT SERIOUSLY: Sad Leafs fan seeks to discover his smile

Mario, a long-time Leaf fan who has been down in the dumps since the NHL draft lottery Saturday night, called Sunday evening...

York Guardian | by Jamie Wayne
News | Apr 23, 2015
Stirling House

LOOKING BACK: Scarborough can be proud of efforts to preserve built and natural heritage

Last month marked the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Scarborough Preservation Committee, initially known as...

Scarborough Mirror | by Rick Schofield
News | Apr 23, 2015
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: Untangling the knots of the food truck compromise

Our new mayor spent last year campaigning on a great many things — but one of John Tory’s earliest causes was also one of...

City Centre Mirror
CityHall | Apr 20, 2015
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: Incoming police chief Mark Saunders will be swimming against the tide

Beyond the outcome, we can only guess about what went on behind closed doors on Friday at the Toronto Police Services Board...

City Centre Mirror
Columns | Apr 20, 2015
North York's Red Oak

NATURAL ROOTS: North York’s 250-year-old red oak touched by the lives of explorers, loyalists and rebels

Canadian history is not boring. In fact, it is very much alive and well in my neighbourhood because we have a living...

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Columns | Apr 19, 2015

Toronto’s community hospitals have good stories to tell

It was an east side coffee shop when representatives of some of Toronto’s community hospitals met with folks from Metroland...

Beach Mirror
Apr 16, 2015

PAN AM COLUMN: City hall celebrates next block of ticket sale with demonstration and speakers

City hall celebration today The next block of tickets to the Pan Am Games went on sale today. To kick off the...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Michele McLean
Apr 16, 2015

BUT SERIOUSLY: NHL draft lottery is McMust-see viewing

While 16 NHL team battle it out for the Stanley Cup, the consolation trophy for the 14 clubs that didn’t qualify is nothing...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Apr 16, 2015

THE CITY: Council only has two choices when it comes to future of Gardiner Expressway

Ah, what a relief! Councillor Jaye Robinson and Mayor John Tory and with any luck a voting majority of Toronto Council are...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
Apr 13, 2015

THE CITY: Tory’s set to tackle our raccoon scourge once and for all

I’m going to go out on a limb, as it were, and take the side of incautious optimism, in assessing Mayor John Tory’s vow to...

Beach Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle
Apr 09, 2015

BUT SERIOUSLY: A revealing visit to the fortune teller

I was out walking around on the weekend and strolled by a building with a sign out front advertising a psychic on the second...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Apr 09, 2015

THE CITY: Big Data monitoring of Toronto traffic will come with a price

One of the big problems that Mayor John Tory came into office promising to solve was also one of the most ubiquitous:...

Beach Mirror | Add Comment
Apr 02, 2015

BUT SERIOUSLY: An update on kids today

It seems like everybody at work has young kids. It’s always a lot fun when they bring them to the office and I get a kick...

North York Mirror | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Mar 30, 2015

THE CITY: New business at City Hall this week tells a story

There is a mish-mash of new business on the floor of Toronto council this week — things that at first blush might have...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
Mar 26, 2015

THE CITY: Valuing consensus over obedience: evolutionary, not weak

John Tory gets a lot of credit for fulfilling some pretty basic expectations as a mayor: he is diligent and compassionate,...

City Centre Mirror | Add Comment
Mar 26, 2015

BUT SERIOUSLY: Getting back into the swing of school

The week after March Break sure can be tough on parents and grandparents who are counted on to help out with homework....

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne

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