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David Nickle: THE CITY
Sep 29, 2014 | Add Comment | Scarborough Mirror

THE CITY: Toronto voters rejecting city’s old-style progressive politics

Ask any politician what they think about their standing in the last poll means and you’ll get a...

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Columns | Sep 25, 2014
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: Fringe candidates for mayor have to battle to bring issues forward

We are a free country — or at least, a free enough country to allow anyone with citizenship, some cash and a birth...

City Centre Mirror | by David Nickle
Columns | Sep 25, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: Pumpkin sightings popping up all over

With winter overstaying its welcome, spring and summer were both relegated to playing a game of catch up this year and...

City Centre Mirror | by Jamie Wayne
News | Sep 24, 2014
Mike Adler: The City

THE CITY: Tory must be prepared to brawl Doug Ford for rest of mayoral campaign

This is the moment in Toronto’s political theatre when one politician, doing well, turns his back on a dangerous opponent...

York Guardian
Elections | Sep 22, 2014
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: John Tory’s Pride Parade position engages in risky business

John Tory had been doing so well. Over the spring and summer, the former Progressive Conservative leader ran an...

City Centre Mirror
News | Sep 19, 2014

Common sense says don’t change lanes in signalized intersection, former Toronto traffic police officer says

Q: I have, on occasion, seen cars changing lanes while driving through a signalized intersection. Is this legal? A:...

Scarborough Mirror
News | Sep 18, 2014
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: Rob Ford’s bedside endorsement complicates campaign

The 2014 mayoral election was, until this week, going to be relatively simple. After four grinding years of scandal and...

Etobicoke Guardian
Sep 18, 2014

THE CITY: Stalled mayoral race gives voters time to ponder the big questions

The Ford family’s personal and political kerfuffle last week sent some serious shockwaves into the early part of this week...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Sep 18, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: Dropping in on minor hockey tryouts

I caught some minor hockey tryouts around town on the weekend. Here are assorted sights and sounds from rinkside at Dick...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Sep 11, 2014

THE CITY: Rob Ford needs to take care of himself first and foremost

Oh, Rob. Words at this time are hard for anybody, when tumours, the spectre of cancer, are on the table. When your...

Beach Mirror | Add Comment
Sep 11, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: Trying to follow in Jose Bautista’s ‘gone yard’ steps

I don’t catch all the Blue Jays games, but it sure seems like every time I do tune in, Jose Bautista has just “gone yard.”...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Sep 11, 2014

THE CITY: Ford, Tory make better Dungeon Masters than transit planners

I never pegged Rob Ford and John Tory as the kind of kids who played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons in high school. Tory is...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Sep 08, 2014

THE CITY: John Tory’s caught a whiff of victory in the race to the mayor’s seat

John Tory has come a long way — and it’s not just the recent couple of polls that have fairly convincingly put him in first...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment | by David Nickle
Sep 05, 2014

THE CITY: Olivia Chow lays it all on the table with land transfer tax gambit

Politics is a gamble. Voters place their bet on election day, when they put their tax dollars on one candidate or another...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Sep 05, 2014

TOinTRANSIT: Adjusted bus, streetcar service with new school year

With the start of the school year, the TTC has adjusted bus and streetcar service on several routes. Beginning this...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment
Sep 04, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: A long list of funding promises for city

“Please tell me it’s not September already.” It’s comforting that the word “please” always introduces the phrase, but –...

York Guardian | Add Comment | by Jamie Wayne
Aug 28, 2014

THE CITY: Pennachetti operated smoothly through turbulent times

Six years ago, Joseph Pennachetti came to the job of Toronto city manager abruptly and definitively. David Miller, mayor at...

Scarborough Mirror | Add Comment

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