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Letters | Jul 22, 2014

Laws apply to everyone – both homosexuals and heterosexuals, reader writes

To the editor: People seem to be up in arms that Mayor Rob Ford didn’t stand when the other councillors were thanking...

East York Mirror
News | Jul 17, 2014

THE CITY: Councillors focus on themselves during marathon meeting

Council’s marathon July meeting stretched out for four days last week. It wouldn’t have gone nearly as long as that, were it...

York Guardian
Transit | Jul 17, 2014

EDITORIAL: Presenting transit in Toronto as it relates to you

There’s so much going on with transit in Toronto these days. Construction projects are popping up everywhere – on roadways,...

York Guardian
News | Jul 17, 2014

BUT SERIOUSLY: Computer and Internet lingo 101 for seniors

While dependency on the Internet is growing by the second, there are still many seniors who have yet to get their first...

York Guardian | by Jamie Wayne
Transit | Jul 17, 2014

TOinTRANSIT: Bombardier strike will not impact immediate rollout of streetcars: TTC

A strike by workers at Bombardier’s Thunder Bay plant will not impact the immediate rollout of new streetcars, says the TTC....

York Guardian
Columns | Jul 14, 2014

Former Toronto cop says it’s time to increase fines and add demerit points if caught distracted driving

You are stopped at a red traffic signal when the light turns to green and the car ahead doesn’t move. You wait a few seconds...

Beach Mirror
News | Jul 10, 2014
David Nickle: THE CITY

THE CITY: Dirty deeds in 2014 mayoral campaign?

Is it going to get dirty, this mayoral campaign? That’s what Doug Ford suggested Tuesday, as he told reporters he...

Scarborough Mirror
Columns | Jul 10, 2014

TOinTRANSIT: City’s bike lane network grows a little larger

With the addition of Simcoe Street, the City of Toronto’s bike lane network grew a little larger this week. Painted bike...

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