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Sinai Health System
Bridgepoint Active Healthcare and Mt. Sinai Hospital have merged - in name only - to create a new collaborative healthcare system, under the name...
Jan 30, 2015 | Add Comment | Beach Mirror

Voluntary merger results in creation of new Sinai Health System

Joanna Lavoie

The merger between Bridgepoint Active Healthcare and Mt. Sinai Hospital is now taking shape. The...

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News | Jan 26, 2015

Toddler at Duke of Connaught Public School daycare dies from infection

A three-year-old boy who attended the WoodGreen Community Services-run Woodfield Child Care Centre at Duke of Connaught...

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News | Jan 25, 2015
7 tea facts and tips

7 tea facts and tips

Health Canada has declared January as Hot Tea Month. According to Dr. Carol Greenwood, a professor in the department of...

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News | Jan 23, 2015

New mental health group meets at CC55

Beaches and East York Mental Health Anonymous (BEYMHA), a new group for those experiencing mental health issues will hold...

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News | Jan 22, 2015
Quit smoking

7 tips to kick the habit during National Non-Smoking Week Jan. 19 to 25

If you have ever considered quiting smoking, now is the time – it’s National Non-Smoking Week Jan. 19 to 25. For those...

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News | Jan 18, 2015
Cancer Screening

When, how often should you get cancer screening?

Not only can cancer screening save your life, it can prevent you from getting cancer. Cancer Care Ontario publishes...

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News | Jan 14, 2015
Tomato Corn & Basil Soup

7 recipes to warm you up when it’s cold outside

When it’s cold enough outside to freeze your nostrils together, it’s time to stay inside and make food and drinks that help...

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Jan 13, 2015

7 tips to keep warm during extreme cold weather alerts

It’s cold outside. If you have to be out, the City of Toronto offers the following tips: 1. Dress in layers, making sure...

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Jan 12, 2015

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease info session Jan. 19 at Gerrard Ashdale Library

An information session on understanding dementia and Alzheimer’s disease will be held Monday, Jan. 19 at 2 p.m. at the...

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Jan 09, 2015

TEGH’s new Kidney Care Clinic provides range of services for pre-dialysis patients

Reginald Ratnasingham used to have to take an hour-long bus ride out to Scarborough General Hospital to receive tips and...

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Jan 04, 2015

7 top blogs at for 2014

Each week at, bloggers write about food, pets, entertainment/lifestyle and health. Currently, there...

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Dec 28, 2014

Top 7 trees to plant in Toronto

According to Trees Ontario (, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the renewal and stewardship of...

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Dec 22, 2014

7 healthy twists to your favourite holiday meals

Buttery mashed potatoes, rich gravy and sweet pie -- you can enjoy these holiday staples without the guilt and subsequent...

Brampton Guardian | 1 Comment | by Noam Kaufman
Dec 20, 2014

7 recipes you should try this Christmas

It’s time to start one of the most joyous of Christmas celebrations - planning the menu. Here are the 7 recipes that you...

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Dec 18, 2014

Sarah Downey set to helm Toronto East General Hospital

Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) has a new president and chief executive officer. Sarah Downey, who is presently...

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Dec 12, 2014

Bridgepoint Health starts a sweet, new holiday tradition

Dozens of patients, staff and family members, as well as volunteers, gathered at Bridgepoint Active Healthcare the afternoon...

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Dec 08, 2014

TEGH receives workplace award

Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) has been awarded a top national prize for honouring its commitment to and excellence in...

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